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I like making 1/35 U.S.S.R models, playing Fallout 4 and Unturned.
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Why is the leafeon shyly looking at dusk with a slight blush? Also they do it when dusk says that shane has to be the bigger mon, so does the leafeon start to think that they need to stand up and show dusk that they are the bigger mon, and confess feelings of love to him? Or are they simply smart, and realise that dusk has feelings for someone else? Its all a conspiracy! You should've gone to Specsavers if you didn't notice that.
Im sick of comments that say gotta go fast. We all know the reference.
Horay im first, and also this is pretty good art compared to some of the other stuff on smackjeeves, good work. Im also liking where this is going, but i still dont understand why an eevee looks like a dog, they are too similar. Keep up the good work!
Woah that escalated quickly, and yes, i am enjoying your story. I hope to see it continue, as it is coming along really nicely. Keep up the good work!
Nein Doch, Ohhhhh
Ha I'm first except for the author.
Yay I'm first comment that isn't the author.
This comic is ending, boo hoo hoo. Oh well, its been great so far.
Why am I still reading this, but WTF, but this is interesting. And you just gotta say FIRST!!!

Also this is not too bad and is getting better, I hope there is a next page soon, before I kill myself with my prototype Lego artillery cannon.
Surprisingly, i watched the series at 13
WTF am I reading this and I am a 14 year old male?