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Manga artist Trey Buongiorno is the creator and owner of the popular online manga series "Element". After graduating from University of Central Florida with an animation degree, he moved to California to pursue a career in animation and officially launch his series. His animation experience includes work at Dreamworks, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Mattel. He works to merge his experience with animation and storytelling with his extensive knowledge and passion for manga.
@Truefan108: You got it ;)
@Truefan108: That's correct! We'll see how blurry the line is for him later.
@Truefan108: Correct!
@Truefan108: Who knows :)
@Truefan108: Thank you! That means a lot! Gonna keep posting~
@TechnoPuff: hahaha he's not great at keeping secrets
Enjoying this so far, good use of screentones.
@Guest: Thank you! That truly means a lot!
This is a neat concept overall!
Yeah! Marco's such a good guy!
Just started reading, this is tight! Great premise so far.
@RumbleGhost: I'll keep em coming, I appreciate the feedback :D
I'm getting sort of a dragonball vibe from this! Cool stuff!
@Legacycreator97: Thank you! Much more to come!
@ChenTheCreator: that hobot over there
@StanleyComics: That's the goal!
Get him Leo!