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oh why are you blushing Lily~?
Productivity to the max! Intense moment right here ahaha XD
my attempt at shoujo
reupload! one more page coming today :)
Off we go!
I like the solid tones more.

Comic tones are kinda too much.

August 31st, 2009
im s proud of myself for doing a bg all
by myself xD

yeah an update :3
yaaay update!!!

i like how the first panel turned out :D
I fail at hands these days D:

Oh well, an update again!!

Hope you guys like it.
yes, finally an update! OTL

my style changed a little.
I hope thats fine?
this is a flash back?

but she said "I ALREADY forgot my duty as the goddess of earth"
so it isnt

... right? .3.
January 5th, 2009
gaaah... just noticed a failure x3 who can find it?
not a page today... but hey, its still an update right? =D

hope you like it!
lovely art and toning x3