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Adventure Never Ends has updated on PKM's deviantART:
@Guest #2 - Actually Mewtwo is going to build a new purification machine to at least manage Darkrai/buy him time.

@Guest #3 - That's why Mewtwo says shopping list. He knows this wouldn't be charity work.
@Julian - As of currently, it's unknown. Currently in canon to all PMD games, the most PMD world Pokemon have ever been in contact with humans in the human world is via dreams only. No Pokemon from the PMD world have set upon human territories.

That's not to say Pokemon don't exist in the human world though. While not confirmed in canon, several main series items do exist in the PMD world leading credence to the thought the human world is the world of the mainline Pokemon games.

While also unconfirmed in canon, it's assumed the player of the Explorers games came with Grovyle from the human world to investigate the PMD world's bad future and try to reverse it.

As to Victory Fire, it rolls with the thought that 1) No Pokemon from PMD will turn into humans upon arriving on human territories. Hoopa and Mewtwo themselves have shown this. 2) Only humans that have been cleared to enter the PMD world will be transformed.*

*There's only been one exception. The player from Explorers was allowed into the PMD world's bad future non-transformed. It took Darkrai's attack during the player and Grovyle's time travel attempt to transform the player.
@Umbreon and Espeon Lover: The latest page is on PKM's deviantART. You can view it there otherwise you'll have to wait until later today (Central time) for PKM to upload the latest page here.
If anyone is looking for updates, well PKM has just turned 19 years old. Yep, it's his birthday! Happy birthday, PKM!

He's allowed a birthday break. ;)
@Readrunners - Mt. Horn is a location in the PMD: Explorers games.

You can read up on the location here:

Anyways I'm just happy Team Charm was finally clued in to Darkrai's curse after so long.
@MercenaryX - Gates to Infinity had you fall into the PMD world, yes. You're then found by the partner in a field near Ragged Mountain on the Mist Continent. You're then roped into following your partner to Post Town by crossing Ragged Mountain.
@orgostevani - Only in the PMD: Explorers games.

The Rescue Team games have you start outside a forest, Gates to Infinity had you start in a field, and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon had you in a mountain valley as your starting point.
@Pokemaster96: Check back toward the middle of Chapter 5. It doesn't 100% explain everything, but it's a start.
@Poke fan 1 :
A - The Eclipse Robe is an exclusive item for Darkrai in the Explorers video games. If Darkrai has it equipped when coming under enemy attacks, the attackers are automatically put to sleep and given nightmares. So enemies will miss turns and take damage at the same time.

B - It looks like a new purification chamber, yeah. To what extent it'll do when fully completed (if it gets completed) is unknown. Its intent is to completely purify Shadow Pokemon, but Darkrai was genetically modified to always revert to a Shadow Pokemon after any level of purification.
@pixlblox9099: I should mention Adventure Never Ends is a collaborative comic that PKM helps in. I don't think ANE can be mirrored on SmackJeeves without permission from ANE's owner.

As far I've seen, only PKM's dA account is the official mirror of ANE.
If anyone is looking for updates, PKM has been updating other comics (namely Adventure Never Ends and ESP: The Golden Age) on deviantART.


Also if you have a deviantART account, PKM is requesting feedback here:

Make sure you read his post in full before you post there!
Ahahahahah! <3 the last panel!
If anyone is confused about CC the Glaceon, you should check our her owner's gallery here:

Some content may not be work safe so view with caution.
@SmartTurtle04 - Well it's not Lovrina will do anything. Not without force anyways. If not by her or deity intervention, it's hauling Darkrai back to the human world to find somebody else experienced in genetic modification.

The problem will the latter is...what if Mewtwo snaps into PTSD and blows up any labs he finds himself in. <.<

@Guest - Well the Pokemon anime played with this with Jirachi's movie. Jirachi can grant wishes, even if it's nothing more than stealing candy from a nearby area to grant a wish for candy. <.<;;

To what extent Jirachi's wish granting ability is never really fully explored, but in the Rescue Team games, Jirachi can teleport you in a vast amount of items, Poke, give you a friend area you don't have, raise your rescue rank (unless it's max rank already) or even summon a Pokemon you don't have to join your team (you have to have max rescue rank).
Considering what's happening...I wonder if a certain expedition to Wish/Star Cave is in order?

If you don't get why... (bottom left): ong-ago/
@CJ64 - Most games are separate, but it's Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon that revealed all the PMD games take place in the same world. Some Pokemon in PSMD reference characters, places, and events in past PMD games.

If you want a game with a balance of good gameplay and story, I'd recommend PMD: Explorers of Sky instead of Explorers of Time/Darkness. Sky offers bonus episodes that flesh out many secondary characters and even has a bonus village and dungeon included!

If you'd rather see how the series started, you can play Red Rescue Team or Blue Rescue Team. I find Blue Rescue Team technically plays better (though Red Rescue Team really pushed the GBA's limit to the point you stutter when moving in dungeons).

If you work your way into the 3DS era of PMD, Gates to Infinity is another fine PMD game with a good story. You might find the lack of content a bother though which hurts replay value. If you can find it no higher than 15 bucks, I'd say go for it.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon kinda has too much filler and is a very difficult PMD game to play. Post-game is light on content too. It's up to you if you ever want to get it to try it out.
@DrakonLameth - This is pretty much confirmed by Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon toward the end game where Mewtwo appears to render assistance in protecting the PMD world by using the Mega Mewtwo Y form to physically slow the Tree of Life from flying away into the sun killing all Pokemon life.

Arceus pretty much had no idea who Mewtwo was or where Mewtwo hailed from, but was grateful for the extra assistance.

Sorry I answered this post so late! I originally missed it!
Come on, Malachi! Don't go screaming out of the front gate now! You're so close!
@Zekro The Shiny Umbreon: Mana's Heart Swap is in effect.