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@Mak33n: It's been fixed (this was reported on deviantART).
I like that Rayne is like "What? Again?" and Lux looks so done with this. XD

Enjoy your down-time, Flavia!
@SentryBeat: The story is set in Johto, not Kanto.
If anyone hasn't been checking Woo's deviantART, Woo posted an update that she had moved and was waiting for her stuff to come in at her new place (stuff including her drawing tablet).
@SuperbroRules25: Black suspects Speedy of lying once again, so Silvia crushing Speedy would be karma for lying to everyone just now.
@EeveeBoi: It's not the bandages, because Speedy has a decent excuse. He told Lazuli a half-truth: Speedy does heal faster than other Jolteon, but didn't say how.

What will get Speedy in trouble though is trying to explain his hair spikes being back. Flare was the one that originally burned them off (whether by accident or what is unknown).
@Tiberious - Sulfurbunny is ok, but is currently suffering from poverty (she doesn't have enough money to support day-to-day living -- she barely gets internet service nowadays). She can't even accept donations so this comic is paused until she is able to get out of poverty.
@Glitched, @TotallyNotLazuli, & @Wolf_assault - PKM has mentioned Wednesday should be the next update day.

@Glitched: PKM is busy this week, check back later this week or sometime next week.

Don't forget PKM has a day-time job now that he's out of college.
Neko has been so busy that only a update was posted to deviantART.

Neko was involved in a project that you can read up about here: on-Pre-Orders-Open--811252764

EDIT - Smackjeeves ate the link. Just copy and paste the link text into a new tab.
@Jack The Shiny Jolteon: Flare is not a Category 3-A or 3-B.

He would have to willingly kill another Category 3 and devour their (preferably max level) amorphism or another Category 3 would have to commit suicide to transfer their max level amorphism to Flare (and know how to do the transfer right).

I don't think Flare would want anyone to die unless he gets severely pissed off to lose total control of himself.

EDIT - Also CC doesn't have a max level amorphism because she's acting kinda-like how Flare did back during Special Chapter 2.
@WriterRaven: According to the cast listing, it's because he's old so his fire fizzled out.
@Flavia-Elric: Don't stress yourself out on our account! If you don't make up any missed updates, it'll be fine!

We just want you to have fun with your art and comics!
@Blaze01: Super Mystery Dungeon has some problems with its story and a very short post-game (not counting the Connection Orb missions).

The major problem I had with Super Mystery Dungeon was the pacing of the story, the secondary characters having no character development, and you the player having no character development either. Only the partner got the character development for the whole game.

EDIT - Jirachi of Super Mystery Dungeon is the same Jirachi from Explorers, so his brief character development is found in Explorers, specifically Explorers of Sky.
@Blaze01 and @comercole: It also doesn't help the 3DS entries didn't sell very well. As for as The Pokemon Company is concerned, I think they consider this series done unless they reboot it with a remake of something.
@Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon:
You should, but note the 3DS PMD games aren't as good as the GBA/DS ones.

Storyline wise, the games go-
Red/Blue Rescue Team (GBA/DS)
Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky (DS)
Gates to Infinity (3DS)
Super Mystery Dungeon (3DS)

If I can suggest anything, I suggest Explorers of Sky! It's ok to play the games out of order, but some games do have callbacks to earlier games.
@Cool Em: Elysium isn't going to be that type of comic.

Yes physical romance might be implied, but won't be directly shown outside hand-holding and maybe a romantic kiss or two someday.
@comercole: Chatot would have had to intervene anyways even if Rune and Malachi weren't swept up into a battle. Out of all the rules given to the duo, they broke them all.
PKM has a double update of Adventure Never Ends on his deviantART. Work-in-progress though.

No ES update for Friday/the weekend as a result of the ANE updates (I assume anyways).

ANE 4-10:
ANE 4-11: