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If anyone doesn't want to wait until later, PKM has uploaded two new comics (one is a work-in-progress of the ANE comic and the other is a new ES) and a few new art pieces.


The WIP of the newest ANE can be found in:
Speaking of Silval
Silval58 has posted a status update:

Basically Silval58 has not heard from Sulfurbunny in months too.
@somerandomguynumber1: Well Muro likes Koko now. It's a start to their friendship. Koko might be just the friend Muro needs to move forward again (and Koko may be the key to Muro evolving one day).
Heads up. PKM's drawing finger is injured so he's not going to be updating for the next week or so.

@Guest: This is a webcomic that aims to get readers from all over, not just from a specific region. American English takes priority in this case. ;)

Otherwise there would be neverending arguments for things like "color" and "colour" and "honor" and "honour". Not that I have a problem with British English of course.

If Flavia had used British English from the start, I would respect the British spellings (the European version of Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii/3DS is awesome for example). =)
I'll add one more text suggestion to this. "Analyse" is supposed to be "analyze" in panel 6.
Justified is when you believe a specific bad action warrants a specific response as punishment.

Take the mess with Leafy and Lazuli's dad. Alfred had most of his family and some friends killed, so to him, he would be justified in killing the killer (and did so).

The law though didn't see Alfred killing the killer to be justified though and so the Arcanine was captured, tried, and sentenced to 10 years in prison.
@Flavia-Elric - I've got some text suggestions for you if they will help.

Panel 2:
Elekid - In any case, badges can be tracked so we'll find out.

Panel 4:
Bayani - Celebi will come back after he gets the info he wanted.

Panel 5:
Bayani - As soon as he comes back, we will go to Primula Village with Eevee.

Again I hope these are of help. =)
@pixlyJolt: There are various Nuzlocke comics out there (I follow one of them myself), but it might be in poor taste to link to any one of them in this comic's comment session. ^.^;;
I wonder why Kecleon isn't raging at the sight of rescuers anymore. :O
@comercole: Well at least Lux only got to haul a log. Samurai Jack had to haul a boulder.

...I suddenly want a future battle sequence where somebody asks Lux, "You can fly?!" And Lux replies, "No, jump good!" :D
@Flareon1225: It's not Fluffy dying. If that was the case, Flare would die soon after.
Happy 3rd Anniversary, ES!
To celebrate 3 years of ES and PKM's 1,000 deviantART submission, there's a special post on both PKM's deviantART and YouTube pages.

dA status post/YouTube:

dA post / GIF special:
@ARS Creed: There was a timeskip to that night following Flare's day with Leafy, Axel, and Sunshine.

Flare being awake in Frank's guest room (for the boys) with the room light off makes the time set during the middle of the night. =)
Not only that, there are tears in Fluffy's eyes.

EDIT - Wait. Flare was confused upon waking up. Could that not have been Fluffy after all? But maybe the Sunshine in an alternate universe that was slain? o.O
@PJSam: Unless you want this comic to stop updating daily and go to a weekly format. =P
@Julian or Yoshidakid: Well there's a reason why you can't evolve in the PMD games (at least during the main story of them), but that would count as spoilers, so I can't post it here.

Gameplay wise I can say it would definitely break the games if you could evolve on day 1 of playing them. ;)
I'm starting to not like this Ninetales.
I'm just going to mention Adventure Never Ends updated on deviantART too:
If anyone is confused about Claire's statement about Celebi having a sibling, Claire is talking about Jirachi.

After PMD: Explorers concluded, the Expedition Society would meet Jirachi at Star Cave and recruit him into the group prior to Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.