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The team might not have the power or experience for the more dangerous jobs, but they got heart. I'd back 'em. =3
@Flavia-Elric: You can probably rewrite Celebi's line as "So in short, we got a useless team."

If you're wondering the "a vs. an" bit, you can view this page for extra info:

I know American English can get annoying at times. =P
Don't forget Adventure Never Ends on deviantART:

The comic has now been colored.
Well that's just mean, Celebi. (I wonder if it's a side-effect of his curse?)
@kevincamo007: You need to add comics you wish to follow to your Smackjeeves favorites list. You do this by looking for the heart icon on any comic page and clicking on it.

Then you go here to view everything you'd favorited:

Any comics you've fave'd that post new pages will have a number icon on the star icon on the main Smackjeeves site.

You can also view the Favorites pages to see what's updated there too! You also have the option to subscribe by RSS feeds as well. You'll need a RSS reader for that though.
@Flareon1225: It was a post from 2018, so it's going to be tough to find that one post on dA, so I'll do this instead. You remember earlier in the comic (and ESP), it's been established that a Cat 3 can go berserk if angry or becomes obsessed with something.

Flare only lost his temper once from Crystal evolving him, but since then he's tried not to get angry. So I figure it's pretty much going to take somebody attacking Leafy to piss Flare off. Heck maybe somebody attacking Sunshine too.

And we already know Flare can activate berserk mode from eating chocolate, but whether if he loses control depends if the virus feels like it's not getting enough chocolate.

EDIT - Heck, Flare probably at this point can be considered "obsessed" with Leafy too. (I know -- he's really got a crush on her.)
@SpartanFury: They've actually kissed in a Q&A on PKM's deviantART, but not yet in the comic. =3
You know the more I think of it, I wonder if this is all based on a Rescue Team randomizer playthrough? =3

But yeah when I first saw stairs in PMD: Explorers of Sky, that was my reaction (same as Lux's). XD
@Flareon1225: Yep. It's what I recall PKM posting on deviantART about it and don't forget PKM has extra comics on his dA that are not here on Smackjeeves. ;)
Adventure Never Ends is in the process of being updated on deviantART and PKM's college break is over.

ANE work-in-progress:
...So did I call it yesterday or what? =3

I made two guesses and it appears both were right. XD
@Star the Eevee: Generally in most PMD games, the player starts at Level 5 (7 in Gates to Infinity). However this isn't just another PMD comic.

For all we know, our Eevee could be just level 1. =O

EDIT - Now that I think of it, this sequence could be calling out the pain of "escort" missions in the PMD games where you babysit a weaker Pokemon in a dungeon full of stronger ones. <.<
@Flareon1225: He has some control. He would only lose control if somebody really pissed him off (like someone threatening Leafy for example) or "Fluffy" gets really hungry for chocolate and wants more than what is given/found nearby.
@Kflip11: Oh I get it now. I guess during the flashback a timeskip happened in the present where Speedy left her and she went back to the room she was staying in at Frank's vacation house. Lazuli ended up so lost in thought, she didn't sense Silvia at all.
@Kflip11: He was back then. Then the flashback ended and we're back in the present during the ES's vacation (which started in Chapter 5).
@AssaultBird2454: I hate the trap of roaming into a Monster House. Or heck spawning into one when leaving a previous floor!
@Pixel Moonlight: I take it you're posting on mobile (flipping between mobile and desktop Smackjeeves)? If you need to wait until you're back on a PC/laptop, feel free to post/reply then.

Currently I don't understand what you're trying to post. ^.^;;
@VadanDrumist: Yeah that part gets me too.

Purity Forest for example is 99 floors. How can a forest have 99 floors?
@BrimazKing: Turns out PKM has a small break from college, so he's using the break to work on ES.
@Kflip11: I doubt she will unless she is shown about them. I guess it depends if Lazuli catches Flare in berserk mode or Speedy asks Flare to show Lazuli that.