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@cat mastermv: I would say the Pokemon Rescue Organization of Air Continent, but that's assuming if it hasn't been changed any since Rescue Team.

Super Mystery Dungeon kinda dropped the ball in a way just focusing on including Pokemon and telling the partner's story and not including much history on stuff.
@Murp: Yeah it looks like somebody from an assassin's guild. :O

Unrelated, but while this isn't the 200th comic, it is the 200th upload to Smackjeeves, so congrats, UmiKit!
@JolteonTheChamp: Either being annoyed, bored, or yawning/sleepy.
@EpicSignal: Whether if Flareon Flare will save the multiverse is up-in-the-air, but we can figure he won't be alone out there. ;)
Happy 200 comics for the team behind PMD: Gleaming Hearts!

Here's hoping for continued success!
@EpicSignal: This and the upcoming two special chapters will wrap up the vacation storyline with Special Chapter 12 being the chapter where everybody goes back home.

Chapter 6 is supposed to be the soft-reboot where everything goes back to the slice-of-life of the Eeveelution Squad at their treehouse. Please note that everything from PMD, the Rebirth Virus, etc. will not be dropped and never referenced again if you're worried about arcs being aborted. Those things will be resolved in time.
The Leafeon is only trying to warn Flareon so that Flareon won't be startled awake by what turns up next.

Kinda bad to summon Flareon only to scare him right back to reality without giving a fair warning first. <.<
@Sansunbreon: Recovering from minor injuries from a road accident. PKM says on deviantART that he's better, but I don't know if he's fully healed yet. Last week he mentioned that it would take a full week to heal.
@Flareon1225: Flareon Flare does not have the space virus. I think PixelFlame was speculating that since a lot of the Flares across the multiverse contracted the Space Virus, that eventually Flareon Flare would contract it too.
@Legendslayer21: Yup. As to how, it's unknown.

All I know is in the 3DS PMD game, Super Mystery Dungeon, one needed a looplet and to find an Awakening Emera to enable Mega Evolution for Pokemon that can do so. Whether if ToE adopted that PSMD system, came up with a new system, or just used the main series Mega Stones are unknown at the moment.
Kiln is easily hyped it seems. :3c
PKM says the next update might be delayed. He got into a road accident.

News link:
@Wesley : The GTI Kyurem was disappointing though. All Kyurem had were 2 turn attacks.

I digress though. Even if Kyurem had all one-turn attacks, Wonder Orbs probably would still make that fight disappointing. Check Flavia's deviantART --

Chances are if there are no new comics here, she's posting art/commissions on deviantART instead. Commissions will always come before the comics.
I think Bane was going for a sunrise palette this time since everybody was up/getting up (hence the green tint).

Though the yellow stick in Kiln's tail is probably just a rare goof. :P

EDIT - The stick is no longer yellow as the page was updated.
@Riolu OC: Yes, but that's mostly non-canon. Remember this is a teen-rated comic, so please be careful when referencing NSFW/adult-only material.

EDIT - Riolu's post was removed.
@Excalibeon-Z: Actually you misunderstand that process.

For a Category 3 to become 3-A or 3-B, both Category 3 Pokemon need to have max virus levels (level 7). Flareon at this point only has a virus level of 3. The Leafeon has a virus level of 7 plus the Deoxys virus.

Also if a Category 3 that has a virus level of 7 is sacrificed or willingly sacrifices themselves, they will die soon after the event. Lastly any Category 3 that reaches the virus level of 7 must know how virus transferring works between Category 3's.

Basically Flareon does not meet the requirements to become a Category 3-A or 3-B at this time.
@Silval58 - If you happen to be reading this, you might want to do some comment cleaning on this page and close this page to new comments until you have something new to relay (or Sulfurbunny comes back to post something new even if it's only news from her end).
@Excalibeon-Z: From what I figure, only one virus can be present in somebody's head in cases where the Pokemon became a category 3.

Since the Leafeon and Flareon are both category 3, only one virus can be present in Flareon's head. So Leafeon's Fluffy (called Starlight) disappeared to let Leafeon and Flareon's Fluffy stay.

As the Leafeon just said, Starlight gave up its spirit to allow the Leafeon to stay. Whether if this is permanent or temporary, I don't know though.
@Entity_51: Yep. Just like CC is an alternate Lazuli, the Leafeon is an alternate Flare.