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@Komodo23 - Jen hates Lovrina due to Lovrina abusing Pokemon. The only thing 'Rina could do is either blackmail Jen or take somebody hostage to force Jen into action.

Jen isn't just going to willing go along with anything Lovrina might whip up unless there's no choice in the matter.

@Readrunners - Considering at the end of XD: Gale of Darkness when 'Rina meets up with XD's protagonist again, she just assumes he was there to start up a "Lovrina Fanclub". That should tell you what the answer is.
@PKM-150: You should repost this in the author notes area for this page and any other important SJ pages you have. This is so your post doesn't get lost in the eventual shuffle of new posts.

You also have a news page if you like to make use of it more (you'll just need to make it more visible first):
At least things went better this time for Malachi. XD
Hey, PKM has a Discord available so that you all don't flood his email box with all this off-topic chat here.

Be sure to read the rules PKM has there first before you dive right on in:

If you're not talking about the comic (roleplaying as Pokemon/ES characters is considered off-topic to the comic) here on Smackjeeves, you flood PKM's email and make him and his friends sad.
Just going to quickly chime in for those wondering why the daily updates stopped.

1) PKM just finished Chapter 5.
2) He wants a break before he goes back to college for the next semester.
3) His hand is hurting again.

So basically unless something else goes on, we're back to once a week (or beyond that if real life is taking more importance or there's a difficult comic that needs a lot of time to get ready).

So please don't start complaining about lack of updates. They'll come back in time. And you can check PKM's deviantART to see if there's any new art or anything else of note besides new ES comics.
I posted this on dA, but I can't fault Malachi for being scared. I'd be scared too if I'd used a scanner and then somebody started yelling. XD
Previously I posted about my favorite team name, but back onto bad team names: Besides Meanies (which is my #1 pick), I'd say Team Tasty is a bad name too.

That's the team of Swellow and Wurmple from PMD: Explorers.
@Anon - There are human teams based on the mainline Pokemon games and side games like Pokemon Colosseum and XD games. PMD also establishes teams of Pokemon.

My favorite team name would be Team Razor Wind from the Explorers games. That's the team of Zangoose, Sandslash, and Scyther.

EDIT - Unrelated, but:

I've pushed some updates to this wiki article if anyone would like to join in to add any missing info, typo fixing, grammar fixing, etc. (basically making sure the page is up to TV Tropes standards).
@cat mastermv: Woo modified the art style so it wouldn't take so long to make a particular comic page.
@SmartTurtle04 - Healing Wish does not work on the user.

In the mainline games, the user faints, but the next Pokemon takes the field with full HP and cured status. This is what VF uses since the PMD version is more OP.

In PMD, the user is left with 1 HP, but all allies are healed to full HP, PP, and status. The move will always work even if the user has 1 HP remaining.

The move Snatch can rob Healing Wish's effect from the user's target(s) and give it to the Snatcher who then uses the move even if they can't normally learn it.
Lovrina used BLACKMAIL!
It's not very effective...
@Theproguest666: It's on PKM's deviantART right now. Otherwise you'll have to wait until this evening (Central Daylight Time).
@FlareonXLeafeon: Maybe not every day, but at least until Chapter 5 is completed.

Whether if PKM goes on break or swaps back to once a week/once every other week is unknown.

I do know Adventure Never Ends on deviantART starts up a new chapter next month.
@Hollyleaf: PKM is just in the mood to finish up Chapter 5 before the end of September. 19 more pages left (page 31 is on deviantART right now).

I think last year on deviantART, he had a stretch where he updated almost every day to a point before he went back to once a week or once every other week (depending on how difficult a particular comic page gets or if he's delayed by real life things).

I don't know if PKM will go on break after Chapter 5's completion or just swap back to once a week/once every other week.
Just a reminder - No roleplaying in the comments. You spam PKM and make him and his friends sad.

Anyways poor Gai. XD
@Truefan108: The pacing is only do to the comic only be updated once a week. When you draw a very detailed comic, it's going to take time.

Perhaps the author should look at PMD: Victory Fire for ideas on pacing (though that comic goes twice a week)?
@Putrawarrior: We're halfway through Chapter 5 so that should give you a timeframe to guess.
Frost is male and his revival from the dead is currently not-canon.

The unknown female Glaceon is a cameo from deviantART.
All I'm gonna say is Lopunny for Smash Bros. Ultimate. =V
The problem Sulfur had was shippers getting into fights. As long as there is no fighting either from shippers or toward shippers, things should be ok. Otherwise Sulfur will remove all comments and the comment section. She might even remove all/disable dA comments too.