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Adventure Never Ends is in the process of being updated on deviantART which is why no new ES today.

You can view a work-in-progress of the next ANE comic here:

Check back roughly next Tuesday for the next ES update (and if you want to see the new ANE colored, it should be done soon).
@SmartTurtle04 and @MercenaryX -
Sorry I don't mean to dampen your thread, but I should let you know your recent back and forths especially on the recent comic pages is possibly generating too many email and Smackjeeves notifications for Sulfurbunny and her helpers.

You both should consider swapping to the Smackjeeves PM system to continue your dialogs or you could start emailing each other if you want to communicate more directly. =)

EDIT - I only bring this up because on another comic I read, that comic author was getting 400+ emails and notifications in a single day until serious measures had to be taken.
@Blaze01: Yeah we're in a flashback to the first time the squad went out on vacation in between Chapters 2 and 3. Other than a Q&A that gives a short answer, this flashback is supposed to give a better look into why Lazuli fell in love with Speedy (even though he had no interest in her until admitting she was cute in late Chapter 3).
@TheSerperior: No. Unless otherwise specified, the update schedule is every Friday.

There have been some special occasions where PKM updates twice a week and on rare occasions, daily.

We are in a twice-a-week stretch, so check Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday/Saturday. If PKM goes back to once a week, then you can check every Thursday/Friday/Saturday.
Sulfurbunny, you have been truckin' along for as long as you could despite what all that has happened. We understand you need some time to yourself.

I hope you get to feeling better soon and are able to get things sorted in time!
Nov. 29, 1999
So that's why I didn't get a notification when logging into Smackjeeves (good thing I got a RSS subscription though). XD

It's probably just a glitch. Either somebody can report it on the Smackjeeves forums or Sulfurbunny could try deleting and reuploading this page at a later time.

EDIT - Oh I'm glad Whiscash was finally mentioned. I thought VF went with Whiscash dying and Alakazam taking over as village elder. =X
@LightShadowBR: Acid Armor is a move that allows its user to melt into a liquid to sharply raise their physical defense.

You can read about it here:
@Blaze01: Milos is being updated on the author's deviantART after a falling out with Smackjeeves admin/mods. Woo should have a link to the author of Milos's dA in the update post above.

EDIT - Here it is.

@DareDevil60: Actually I should make a correction. PKM normally uploads every Friday, but sometimes does upload twice a week. On even rarer occasions, he might update every day.

We're in a twice a week stretch, so roughly check on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday/Saturday. If PKM goes back to once a week in the future, then you'd just check back on Thursday/Friday/Saturday.
PKM has two new extra comics uploaded on deviantART that feature Gai and Sunshine.


(If anyone wonders where all of this comes from, a running gag in MickeyMario64's comic dub is Gai's voice actor always saying something about a Jolteon stealing Gai's lunch money.)
@?? - Sulfur posted this was the final book here: 10707417

EDIT - Ninja'd by @SmartTurtle04. <.<

EDIT 2- Smackjeeves busted the link. Copy the link text and paste it in a new tab. -_-;;
News from PKM:

Basically he's in the middle of a move and he also has college exams, so he won't be online quite as often until he's done with all of this.

--== It's possible new art and comics will be delayed until further notice. ==--
PKM uploaded two more ESP: The Golden Age comics on his deviantART.

@THE ONLY TRUE FAN: Because PKM doesn't have the time to make multiple pages in a short timeframe let alone post them online. This is because he's in college.

We've been lucky to even see 2 updates a week when in the past it was once a week or once every-other-week.
@AirRaid & @Jack The Shiny Jolteon :

I just relay what's posted on deviantART since PKM is so busy and cannot keep multiple sites his stuff is hosted on up-to-date. Anyone is free to relay what they see PKM post about as long as it's either news or comics that PKM does not post here on SmackJeeves.
@A Guest - Looks can be deceiving.

In Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, the player isn't a child (the actual age is unknown), but is treated like one due to being unevolved. The player just goes along with acting like a kid to gather their thoughts, learn more about the PMD world, and figure out what happened to them.

Remember Pokemon can refuse evolution. It kinda references a thing with us humans in that we sometimes can mix up new adults as looking like young teenagers.
If anyone is confused about Victini, Chill was mentioned before twice.

Chill was first mentioned in this Q&A:

Chill was later hinted during Chapter 5 during the part the Eevees were building the sandcastle on the beach.

It's only now we get a formal introduction to Chill the Victini. You'll get to see Chill more later on in ESP: The Golden Age on deviantART.

Adventure Never Ends has updated on DeviantART:
I'm kinda confused about Miracle Eye. I know in the main games and PMD, all it does is allow Psychic-type attacks to hit Dark-types with no ill effects to the Miracle Eye user. In Pokken Tournament, Shadow Mewtwo* uses Miracle Eye to no ill effect outside powering up certain weak Field attacks and one Duel attack.

Is there some lore I'm missing somewhere like a Poke Dex entry or some one-liner some random character or item (like a journal) said in a game?

* Note - In Pokken, Mewtwo gets corrupted by a Shadow Synergy Stone. Pokken is non-canon to VF though.
@BrimazKing: RPs are banned on Smackjeeves as a form of spamming.

Everytime a comment is made on an ES page on Smackjeeves, PKM and Loyka get email notifications. At one point the RP spam was so bad, PKM had 400 emails clogging his inbox.

This is why guest commenting was turned off here. If you wish to RP, there is a Discord server available (find the link on PKM's deviantART).