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PKM posted a new status update:

Basically he's nearing final exams in college and is actively seeking employment (hopefully in web development).

You can view the full details at the link I just posted.
@MercenaryX - I will say at one time Sulfur did entertain the thought of a Patreon, but never did anything with the idea.

Link: -enough-606656403

EDIT - Smackjeeves mangled the link. Just copy and paste the link text into a new tab.
@MercenaryX - Unfortunately as Silval posted, Sulfur is not in a position to accept donations. I suspect this is still true even if it were organized by somebody that knows where exactly she lives.
@Some Random Guy -
Please see this post by one of Sulfurbunny's helpers: 303
I know there's a thing about Zangooses and Sevipers being mortal enemies, but it's exaggerated how they usually get into fights.

They do have some self-control (and on occasion it's possible for them to form a relationship if love happens to blossom). I think Talon is only hopping into action because there's an angry Ursaring around.
@TeranganPkmtrainer: Currently Speedy has revealed some stuff, but only to a few people. However he will continue to hold secrets even to the people he should have told long ago (this is evident by the fact Crystal doesn't know Silvia and Speedy broke up for example and Lazuli hasn't been told this either).
Adventure Never Ends has updated on deviantART (the WIP one has finally been colored):

Also I don't know if this was posted already (sorry I forgot to post it earlier!). You can view a speedpaint version of Special Chapter 9 page 26 on YouTube.


If you want to know how PKM makes his comics, this video will show you how it goes (though not in robust detail).
@TheSerperior & @Logan The Lycanrock:
PKM's normal update schedule are Tuesdays and Fridays (in the past, it used to be Fridays only).

PKM is in college, so it's possible normal updates might be delayed at times.
@somerandomguynumber1: Or is our little Smeargle really a Zoroark? :3c
@TeranganPkmtrainer & @ElegantYew2587 : Hey just to let you know you can edit your previous comments if you have additional things to say on a comic.

Every post you make on a comic generates email and PMs to the comic's owner and for yesterday's ES comic, you generated most of of nearly 300 messages/emails to PKM's inboxes.

Also please don't try roleplaying. PKM views this as spam and he's already had to yell at people last year for it (one comic had nearly 2,000 comments completely flooding out his inboxes) leading to guest comments being disabled.

So in the future, try to make use of your ability to edit your previous comments instead of posting new comments (you can still reply to others -- just don't roleplay either).
PKM has a new video up on his YouTube:
@Pixel Moonlight: Muro currently has a quiet nature (with some timidness mixed in). Muro has definitely warmed up to Koko, but certain things still might scare or upset Muro.
@Dotpoint: Unless this was Lorenzo slowed/frozen in time in the past, remember Lorenzo as we last saw him has scars (two are on his hip) that are not easily concealed in illusions.
PKM has another YouTube video posted:
@DreamHorrendous: PKM recycles assets when he can so that he reduces the amount of time needed to make new comics and art.

It's a common practice in digital art to recycle (ie copy and paste) when you can.
@dmr11: Better hope it wasn't a Devolve Orb. :3c
The next Adventure Never Ends is being worked on.

You can view a WIP here:
@TobySPY: Crystal is saying if Speedy marries Lazuli in the future, then Lazuli becomes a sister-in-law to Crystal (and vice-versa). ;)
PKM has a new YouTube video up for viewing:
@DreamHorrendous: If you need to know about CC the Glaceon, visit CC's owner's deviantART:

NOTE - Some content may not be work/school safe.