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Jiminy Crispies!
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Ehh, everything about this is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to read more and I hope you'll get all the fans this deserves!
It's a good thing you updated! I had forgotten how awesome Ruby is.
August 14th, 2009
UNF. That first panel is very pretty.

But, lol, SRSBSNS Milk.
Suit and tie~ Suit and tie~
I was really excited for this one X3

Hahaha, I went out of hand with the roses... But it was on purpose, fo' real! XD

This'll probably be the last thing that I'll be able to post for a good month since my family's going on a cross-country trip. But if I manage to get internet connection I'll post something!

(Poor Sofie, she's so incompetent <3)
July 18th, 2008
Wet Willie
Ahaha, gross! XD

I like Lani already~
"My club is better than your club"
A gag comic of sorts because my first reaction to Corrupted's characters was : "Look! May also has short hair!"

A-and then this happened XD
"It's like Sophia...
... Only with an e instead of an a and with an f instead of a ph... So really, it's nothing like Sophia."

Said I would join if I could come up with a character, so here I am! (Ahaha, poor her, I shamelessly made her an uke - sorry, Sofie!)
What? What? How come I didn't know of this comic?

I watch you on DA, I'm glad to see the comic!