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@bayobayo: It’s like a combination of “I’d rather be at home then here” and “I’m so done with you Jack” ;)
@bayobayo: :3 Season 2 Will has always been my favorite and I’m enjoying how well you bring him into your comic. :D And I absolutely enjoy how you draw Hannibal’s reactions and expressions to Will. I’m looking forward to future pages, you are amazing! Keep up the amazing work!
@bayobayo: YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome!!!! :D I hope her story is a bit better then in the show...I cried when she died. T^T that Abigail? :O
I love how calm and collected Will is. <3 Hannibal's just standing there absolutely charmed. :3
That was perfect! Is it weird that it feels both sassy and tired at the same time to me?