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Maybe he thinks she's unfit for combat because she's got noodly little arms... like himself. XD Anyway, whatever his reason or lack thereof, I know that look he's got in the last panel. It can be a bit hard to be on the receiving end of that one. It'll be better if she can laugh it off. Then again, it's not like his words are really inaccurate, considering she didn't hear one half of the requirements.

Anyway, I love what the guard's wearing. I've been looking up 14th and 15th century clothes, they're so much fun!
IRL, I've noticed that many men with technical jobs really don't like PR and marketing. (Not sure about women.) I think it's because marketing's job is often to interfere with clear understanding of problems, while technical people need clear understanding to do their jobs.
Cuteness! *giggles*
Cute intro ^.^
Ahahahahaha! Yep, tiredness can do straaange things!
Aww! Sorry to hear about this.

TBH, most of my life has been like this. When it gets really bad, so long as negative thinking isn't taking over I call it a win.
August 4th, 2018
Yay seagull!
I know the feeling! XD
I'd comment, but I don't want to think about how my stomach felt the other day. And that other day... and the other one... how often do I do this?
I'm scared now! XD
Waaay back when my Second Life avatar was a fairy, I came across art of a fairy as a crazy frog lady, all smiles as she walked her frog on a lead. I decided it was perfect! XD
Why no like minions? Oh, right. I liked supervillain stuff before the little yellow creatures, so it's kind-of easy for me to like them. Only kind-of, though; wouldn't want too much exposure.

Waaait a minute! If you can't put up with minions, how do you put up with dogs?

(Sorry! XD)
So this is why all the old folk were such disciplinarians when I was little! ... Miserable childhood... ;.;
I like this puzzle game! I don't do it tho, coz I'm afraid I'd squish the little pets. Also, I don't have any pets.

Spider and slug! XD

I got excited for a moment, but then I got sad. Comic, by kangel, IN SPACE? Must read! ... "This webtoon has been deleted or is currently unavailable." I got really sad for a moment, but then I remembered how storytelling can go. You've got all these plans, and you start working on it, but then the characters want to do their own thing. It gets worse, they just won't do what you want! And then you find a plot hole! Multiple plot holes! Gaping huge MONSTER BLACK PLOT HOLE OF DOOM!!! And it's all horrible and the only option is to scrap it and start again. :( So yeah, I'm feeling more sympathies than sads right now. I'm sorry it didn't work out.
My mother's huge, but she kept escaping too, until they found a more suitable kind of care home to keep her in. *Eeyore face*
Miow? ^o.o^ Miu miu miu, miee? <o.o> Miuu? <O.O> ... Miuh. <~.~>
You're short at 7 feet tall? Where do you... Ohhh, I know where you live: in Second Life!

I want to be that shop assistant. The jumping one. :3

And yeah, that last panel...
Websites? You should see Linux. 20 years... 20 years of the few easy things superficially getting even easier so generation after generation of blogtards and 4channers and redditors rave over it, drowning out the genuine complaints from professionals who don't have time to blog, whose job just keeps getting harder and harder, so they're forced to buy Red Hat support contracts to do things that were easy for them 20 years ago. It also kills off enthusiasts who want to progress, but they say stupid things like, "It's too clever for me now." There's just enough genuine progress to give the impression that it's all progress, but no more! Windows is just the same, for server operators. I tried FreeBSD last year. The base system was easier to set up, "Linux made for grown-ups" as a friend put it, lol, but much of the software on top, the fun stuff, was infected by update culture too.

I revised my ambitions, decided retro is good, lol. There's something I can run on just-about anything to get the programming environment I want, so that's what I'm starting to do, now.
The snake creeps me out. XD The only way I can read "got buns" in connection with snakes is "got food." XD