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June 15th, 2019
Lovely scenes again! :) I want to explore that plane. Or just meander through the pink flowers. :3
@Falconer: You're not the only one. I got stuck on modded Minecraft, then kind-of imploded when adding features to my automated factory got too complicated.
*giggle* ^.^

Thanks for sharing these sorts of things!
I love the pic of Hook. Many frills, such impact! :D
I neer trusted those things, lol
@Morzone: Oh yeah. My brother, Andrew, met an Andrew and an Andrea while he's been over here.
Hehe yeah, it's no wonder lots of people reuse names. One comic I read has a boy and an *octopus* with the same name, Aloysius, and no, the octopus isn't sapient. It's a nice name, but the octopus is basically a farm animal, milked for its ink. XD The boy, on the other hand, may go on to great things, but at the pace the comic is going, it'll probably be decades.

I was playing with an astronomy program a while back, and I thought, "What if someone wanted to name their kid after a star?" I've got no particular reason to think of baby names, but I like picking names. Much like you and your hubby, Falconer, I found some nice girl names but the boy names generally suck. Zubenelgenubi! <.< Zuben's not so bad... I dunno.

I guess I got a taste for picking names from making roleplaying characters. Sometimes I used a Quenya dictionary or name list -- that's Tolkein high elvish. Other times I looked on baby name websites, especially foreign-language ones for a bit of an exotic feel. Oh, the Quenya one I particularly looked at was Quenya Lapseparma, which translates names by meaning into Quenya.
May 22nd, 2019
Feels! FEELS!
Sort-of looks like dogs can be overwhelmed by what they find cute, too. ;)
I agree! :D

... And this was my face in Minecraft yesterday when I accidentally deleted a map I'd worked hard to fill in. #tiredgaming
Recipies are full of a kind of technical jargon which is never defined, *and* the colloquialisms 'Guest' described. My mother knew the technical terms, but I couldn't get to grips with them. She also had a 'cup' she kept specially as a standard measure for '1 cup of' flour or rice. *It wasn't a cup, is was a mug!!!*
Ahahahaha Hook exploded again!
Hehe! Me either.
I forgot how much I love this page. Saibh's attitude! <3 :)
Animals! <3 :D
Congratulations! :D
I was being a grump, sorry. And the 80s was a long time ago now. I ought to try to remember that.