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@MoogleSam: Believing in the S shaped curve led me to hurt myself. :) Maintaining an S-shape while I stood did not allow my neck to recover from the C shape of all my computer use.

More recent research, as well as general belief before the S-shape idea appeared, indicate that keeping the spine straight is *generally* better, and I believe it now! I emphasise "generally" because this may not apply so much in pregnancy. Human females have an adaptation to allow the lower spine to curve much more sharply than normal in pregnancy. Perhaps it's meant to be used. I don't think it's meant to be relied on too much, though.

Incidentally, the only animal ever discovered with this spinal adaptation was a little Floridan ape, only 2 feet tall, which walked upright. It was long extinct before humans appeared.
August 17th, 2019
Oh. Logic. :D She's quite right, of course.
@Nua: Yay! Thankyou!
Coo! I look forward to seeing how Steamverse looks.

Could we have a link to the big map graphic, please? Like, on the archive page or even front page? I keep wanting to look at it but can't find it.
@Falconer: Oh I love that song!
I'm generally too tired to do stuff and too tired to stop myself promising. :< It's not so much of a problem these days. It was worse when I was an internet socialite.
hehehe! yus! :D
Animals are full of surprises. :)
More violence was not the answer this time, Kevin.
hehehe! XD

i love that cat doesn't know what an iceberg is.
I'm sure she does. :)
@Thapps: yeah, it could easily be overwhelming! i think she's had some down-time, though.
Awww! ^.^
It gets easier with practice. :)
July 20th, 2019
Interesting to see the attitude contrast. :) I've been experiencing a bit of that myself, lately. "Didn't I used to be confident despite these risks?"
Yep. :D

There's a reason my box of keyboards and mice is the most accessible junk-box in my home.
Ouch! Yeah... I think my eyelid reflexes (lol) are very good from all the time I've spent in the countryside, but it's not always enough. When riding fast, the airflow funnels them through this little gap between the bridge of my nose, my eyebrow, and my glasses.

I love that wobble in the last panel! Didn't see it at first, then I was all, "Huh? Oh! Oh yeah. XD"