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Those eyes! She'd destroy me. ;.;
@Falconer: Yeah! XD I got into them because traditional GUIs are the worst thing for my health problem; invasive, attention-grabbing, confusingly irregular in behaviour (and that's just text selection!) restrictive, and blocking access to things which help like copy and paste. It was worse in the past, my health, the quality of mice, and the rough edges of most GUI programs combined to make it an absolute nightmare! I thought Unix would save me! *shakes head & grins* I think I should have gone with a Forth- or Lisp-based system of the sort which has everything from the lowest level to the highest all in the same language and practically open source, so I could tinker at will, extract data without having to go via the GUI, etc, etc, but I was a bit too stupid to try. There are other languages which often built with systems like that, too. I'm writing my own, now. It's early days, but I'm having adventures as I learn the various techniques needed. :)
If you think games are bad that way, you should try text-only Unix programs. "Aaa! That's exactly what I've needed for years? Which keys was it?" Couple that with impenetrable documentation where searches never turn up anything useful, and it's really the exact same scenario! lol
Hahaha yup! Had that happen once or twice. Parts of my brain have to give up while other parts are fine. Lately, I've been wondering if I've got some form of multiple sclerosis. Or rather, I stumbled on this thread via an image search, and saw most of the symptoms match mildly, some very strongly: llustrated-View
This is why I don't watch TV. Well, partly why.

Epic imagery in panel 2! :)
Oh how cruel! Poor Wendy. :(
Hmm; been a long time since I looked for a web framework. *websearch...* Ooh, "templates that update automatically when the underlying data changes." I like things that do that.
I know that feeling! When something happens you thought just didn't. It seems sooo strange!
Hahahaha! "Can I borrow a crown, mom?"
:o Anything but that!

I love the suspense on the lost boys' faces.
March 23rd, 2019
*quietly squees!*
O yea, sleep. I forgot about that! ;) I mean had a bit of trouble sleeping and forgot to consider it when I was wondering why I was sad.

"One step at a time" is also very good advice.
I got sads for no good reason too, and I don't want to go to the doctor.
I've just been going through something similar myself. Not sure where to break the cycle.
Woot for winding up angry officers! :D
March 10th, 2019
Selkie. :)

Kat, meanwhile, is apparently as dumb as my younger self.
March 6th, 2019
Aw yay~ good book memories <3