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That was fun! Thanks muchly for making it! :)
An inverse tori, curious! Looks cool, too.

This is why I like reading archives. :3
:o That is gorgeous!
Oh yeah, I hate this problem.
Hehehe! Oh I hope he's not up to something.
lmao flutter-bang! ahahaa
It's a lot like eekee-speak.
*scowl* Juuun! *facepalm*
Oh come on, be considerate and let your fairy friend ride in your pocket or on your shoulder, or something.

It would make a good meme, even as it is, I think. :)
I like 'glomp' too, possibly because of how it's used, although... IRL, I don't think I could handle being glomped any better than the average SadBishieHero-san. Well, depends how well knew the glomper.
Oh! That's what the problem was. Yeah... I know this problem. :)
It suits her! :)
Oh, they're not the same. The ones my brother in law had didn't go 'vroom' so much as 'BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!' Stand to the left of the big one and you could feel the exhaust from almost a meter away! The small one could sort of 'vroom', but with the big one, it just wasn't a good idea to open the throttle more than a teeny bit! :) They were sort of narrow, upright and long, with the tines out the sides.

He had wheels with tires to put on the big one instead of the tines. He made this trailer to attach to it when the wheels were on, making a sort of articulated go-kart, steered by swinging the handlebars to either side. This is how I know it wasn't a good idea to open the throttle more than a teeny bit: I thought I'd see how fast it would go by openning the throttle a teeny bit more in each circuit of his garden. It was only about the third time when it tipped over! XD No-one got hurt. Well, my nephew got a few scratches, but I never did that again.

I guess the reason the big one had such a big engine, (500cc,) was for when the buldozer blade was attached.

Hm, looking at pictures, (searching for Rotavator) it's possible I mis-remembered and the big one always had wheels. I don't see anything that looks familiar, though, not even when I add 1960s to the search, guessing at the machines' ages.
Hehehe! The last panel made me LOL! :) I wonder if they're the same sort of thing my brother in law had?
Oh I never knew that. I mean I knew about guano, but not moving the pens. A sensible and labour-saving method of distributing a valuable natural resource. Am I right? :3