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18 hours ago
@CatzillaDK: Yay!
18 hours ago
@CatzillaDK: Yeah, but it was the scream that got me. I'm terrible! XD
Sometimes, rest is not optional.
December 8th, 2018
O a sunrise repair! :o

Lovely sunrise! :)
If you're outdoors every day in one area, you can get pretty good at short-term weather forecasting.

Online services on the other hand... well, I haven't had much experience other than finding the few I tried to be no good until I settled on the BBC. Years ago, one particular service lumped my town, which was between hills and sea, together with the area north of the hills, making it completely wrong most of the time! lol
December 6th, 2018
Christmas is madness.
I've been trying to practice this "rest" thing, myself. Can't get the hang of it!
Well, that was all right! Some good action sequences, particularly. I'm not sure I'll keep reading because I'm not sure I should be allowed near anything that hints at NSFW, it was too big a part of my life for too long, but I wish you the best with it, warriorneedsfood. Or with obtaining food. ;)
LOL! Good one, Sarkin!
December 2nd, 2018
54-60 duplicate 45-51
I'm just thankful when I can follow the action in any comic. I can follow it very well here.
Yesterday, lizard-men. Today, a lizard-muppet. Beware the cute ones!
I like that "at the moment." :)
When it comes to interpersonal matters, that Halfling is as thick as two short planks, isn't he?
Is he the one with the purple knickers on the cover? Just sayin, he looks capable of wearing them! XD
Hehe! So Kobolds use the same word for heaven and lonely? Nah, that would mean hood-nut (Napoleon? Oh, Darkwyn) was actually listening.
This doesn't look bad at all, considering paper and scanner trouble