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May 14th, 2019
@LotMinx: Oops... my bad. Well you know what they say; a few bad apples spoils the bunch.
If this one of the new Tomb Raider games?
May 14th, 2019
Still, doesn't mean you should shut them out. Maybe just don't go out on every off day to see them... maybe that's excessive.
May 14th, 2019
So basically you're telling me that they're just fine--if fact some of them were great--but a few of them got overly suspicious to a violent extent. So this means I should stay away from all of them rather than just being cautious and careful with who and what I associate with...

That seems reasonable and totally not a way of generalizing an entire (supposed) species of which I only know so much about--and of what I have heard isn't necessarily bad, just requires caution.
How lovely! Happy ever after I suppose, those two are quite cute and I'd love to see more.
Those are some fluffy looking towels!
I will never be able to enjoy a page with people feeding bread to ducks ever again... my sister ruined it with her truth (she owns ducks and told me ducks choke and die on bread and that it is a really exceptionally bad idea to feed ducks bread).
Just found, read through and it's really great so far; love the art and the cute characters. Hope you're feeling better now, all that sounds pretty stressful. Great job on the comic.
They both spent too much time taking glances that they were surprised when class ended.. tch tch tch, naughty Alice, naughty Zinnia, you two should know better than that.
Woot, woot! Great comic, great story, good job!

'just read through the entire thing and loved it, thank you @tatterberry for making this wonderful comic. Keep on keeping on!
Just read through the archive; fantastic so far. Can't wait to see how their relationship develops. Great job @Ehhwa!
Really great so far. I do wonder where the "yuri" tag came and went though.
@nhiaChan: I get that. Well I'm glad to hear there's a possibility of more.
Aw, come on. It was just getting good.
Nice artwork as of now, good colouring and certainly good character design (I suppose the author got a knack for that). Wish there was more from the author or just more of this comic but maybe three years is too much hoping.
I bet that'd be pretty comfortable while sleeping... while awake it's probably pretty disorienting and jarring.

Also; same, I hate shading, it takes time and any time I do it, it looks awful.
December 31st, 2018
Here's that second page!
Yet another single-panel page but this'll hopefully be the last for some time. I'm going to go work on the next page now!
December 30th, 2018
I'm still getting the site set up so please bare with me, I also had to repost this page multiple times because of my own mistakes (sorry!).

I'll have everything situated as soon as I can!
December 30th, 2018
A Start...
Well here's a start; I've been meaning to start a comic for forever but never got the courage to do so but here we go. I don't think my art is -too- bad so bear with me. I'll post the next page soon (it's pretty much complete already), it's also a one-panel page but there'll hopefully only be two of those in this issue/chapter (I haven't figured out what format this will be written in just yet).

The language she is speaking here is not any real language and no languages featured will be, I'm using english because otherwise no one will understand it :L

Please enjoy~!
;w; it just got interesting... 5 years huh... think the author will revisit it? I sure hope so.
Awww, I was ready for a gay romp in an animal girl academy. The art is so good even...

Too bad, it's been, what, four years since the last update.