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Felicity Swan
I'm an illustrator and comic creator. I love stories and art and wanted to put them together!
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    Felicity Swan
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I was gone for a while!
I'm still drawing the comic, but I have limited access to the internet! I have to go to the library to upload, and I'm stuck to other people's schedule since I can't drive. At all.
I can't drive because of eye issues (both long term and recent). In fact, this year, I've had four surgeries and I'm having a fifth one coming up. I have one eye that works at the moment, as my right eye is covered with a cataract. Its insane what I've gone through these past five months with one eye that works. My ocular migraines have gone through the roof as well and made drawing a little difficult.

If you guys want to support me or just want to know my social, here's some links:

Deviant Art:
Establishing shot
Yeah, here we go. I've been waiting to launch this for seven months now.