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Just a person who likes to draw stupid comics about monsters.
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I keep forgetting to upload on here, ahh.
@AmyOf Darkness: Shep's unfortunately not the most empathetic of characters. :C
Big brother swooping in to save the day.
I was proud of the expressions on this page, but the dialog kind of frustrates me. I guess I'm just a conflict avoidant person, oof.
"Wow, do you live in Egypt Shep? Because you sure are in DENILE." -Benji, under his breath, probably.
Some puppers making friends.
Bit late on this one, whoops! This site is almost caught up to my current place in the comic which is a good feeling, but means uploads might start to get a bit more irregular. I do my best to complete 2 pages in a week, but I'm pretty bad at keeping up with buffers.

Just a small semantics note that probably matters to no one, I'm going to start numbering these mini arcs like a normal chapter. Part of why I kept resetting the page count in Shenanigans was because a. the scenes were a bit more loosely tied together, and b. I was doing this weird convoluted thing to trick myself into thinking I wasn't committing to as big of a thing as I was, but I'm in waist deep at this point and that ship has done sailed. I haven't decided if I'll retroactively rename all the songs sung pages yet, but I might.
The complicated feeling of wanting your friend to do well, even if you know if means you won't see them anymore.
@AmyOf Darkness: Thank you! Good eye! The hand daggers were in fact inspired by sloths.
@AmyOf Darkness: Benji just tells it like it is.
Happy Balloon is still my favorite thing to draw.
A page I have some mixed feelings on, but such is life. Have a pink tiger-thing my boyfriend described as 'not a nice looking character', haha.
@AmyOf Darkness: The tail wag was my favorite panel.

Oh whoops. I am well adept at the art of accidentally making cliff hangers by virtue of the update schedule. You'll find out soon though!
@AmyOf Darkness: No one has ever lied on the internet it is literally impossible.
@AmyOf Darkness: Ah man, thank you so much. It always is a morale boost to hear people are enjoying this weird little thing I'm doing. I myself am a bit slow to comment on things as well, so I don't begrudge it in anyone.
Relateable comics.jpg
@El Adri 2004: Yes! While I wouldn't cite Ghostbusters as a direct inspiration for this particular comic, Ghostbusters is very much part of the Monster of the Week genre that I adore and am definitely channeling with this group.
Hello! Welcome to Emporium! The only comic with the guts to ask 'How would Godzilla use a smart phone though?'
"Hey sarah, did you just write this arc so you could draw a bunch of random monsters?"
"*sweating* Um, no, its clearly a statement on the mundanaity of the kind of settings that so desperately cling to a status quo... ...but also I got to draw lots of random monsters..."
Gonna need a bit more than a mop there, Benny-boy.