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I absolutely LOVE art and books and making up stories, that’s why I’m here, haha. I’m socially awkward and Idk what else to put yeah.
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Ahh, genderfluid?
Oh, Matt! What’ll we ever do with you? *audience laughter*
I’ve been binge-reading this and I finally finished so far :(
It’s not his fault though :(
I didn’t even notice oof
It’s not THAT awful
Don’t do it Amberrrrrrrr
Is it weird that I ship them? I hope it’s not weird cuz I do lol
Contact name is butthole lmao
Yeah me too
Daisy is a fantastic friend
Uh oh, the haiku book is no more...
Me too
She didn’t know Freya didn’t like it, it’s not her fault! She’s going through a lot!! Poor Amber :(
That should have been expected from Eddsworld. X)
I thought he seemed nervous and shaky as if he was being forced to do this after bringing Tobi home drunk right something, idk
I think so too because he passed right by some things that he wouldn’t want other armies n stuff to know I guess