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c o r e
hobbyist. drawing is fun.

follow me on tumblr at innocha-childa for daily doodles of childa and more!!!
it's kinda strange...being with her mom offered a weird sort of...freedom.

being with her dad isn't bad. he IS a little strict though, huh?
childa's diary!
the webcomic comes back!!

for this short lil' chapter, it's a fun recap from childa's perspective +extras! im doin this so i can get organized and prepare a few things for the future!
i hope you enjoy her drawings!

also, from now on i'll be either uploading 1 or 2 pages every sunday! this number may increase depending on how much time i've got on my hands.
the adventure continues!!
don't forget!
the comic returns next sunday!!
the planned schedule is either...

1 page every sunday
2 pages every sunday

hopefully the latter! let's get this adventure train a-movin'!!
see ya 'til then.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: i need all the criticism i can get!! so i appreciate you commenting on almost all of the pages so far.
i hope you continue to enjoy the comic as it chugs along!
nnggh too real
keep it up!
the tension agonizing! i can't wait for the next page!
the comic continues around april 18!
i'll have a few bonus comics ready as well!!

see ya 'til then.
that's the end of chapter 5!
wow. that took a REALLY long time, and it's almost the end of my college semester for the 1st year.

the comic will resume updates once my semester is over (sometime around april/may?)
for now, the next 2 sundays will just be some doodle images, as per usual...than radio silence. the prof's thought it was a good idea to pile on the assignments and presentations, so unfortunately that constricts me to my college work...
i hope you guys understand!

thank you for sticking around so far! hope you're enjoying the adventure.
see you next chapter!!
aw hell yeah updates
love this comic keep up the fantastic work
@sandbiscuit: curiosity killed the cat, they say...
oof. this hits close to home.

keep up the great work!
@c:: rip and tear!
@alpha: guess i did something right then!! what a relief...
@sandbiscuit: she likes getting caught up in the moment!
wooo!! excellent excellent excellent! excellent as usual!!!
@bwooom: i'm sure it's not as bad as it looks!
...okay, it looks kinda bad. maybe it doesn't hurt! much.
can't help but add one more joke about her getting hit in the face.
when making this page, i realized childa has been getting hit in the face these past few chapters.
at least once per chapter.

the poor girl.