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c o r e
hobbyist. drawing is fun.

follow me on tumblr at innocha-childa for daily doodles of childa and more!!!
@alpha: guess i did something right then!! what a relief...
@sandbiscuit: she likes getting caught up in the moment!
wooo!! excellent excellent excellent! excellent as usual!!!
@bwooom: i'm sure it's not as bad as it looks!
...okay, it looks kinda bad. maybe it doesn't hurt! much.
can't help but add one more joke about her getting hit in the face.
when making this page, i realized childa has been getting hit in the face these past few chapters.
at least once per chapter.

the poor girl.
great to see you back at it again!!
oh sht sex bob-omb shirt

i've been tearin' through these pages! love the characters and their conflicts so far.
keep up the great work!!!
im back to make comics!
if it wasn't clear enough already.

the schedule is now 1 page per sunday or every other sunday.
please look forward to future releases!!
so now begins my official hiatus.
so as i've stated before, i'll be going into a bit of a hiatus thanks to irl stuff like college. i don't know when i'll be back to make more pages...but i'll try to constantly post updates on here and on @childathecomic on twitter.

if i do happen to find time in my schedule to make a comic page...i'll most likely post it on friday, saturday, or sunday.
only a page per friday/saturday/sunday. that seems reasonable...i guess.

please wait patiently until then. i really do appreciate your support and readership. (if that's the right word to use. whatever.)
see you later.
hi there
make sure to keep an eye out for any news updates.
you can also follow @childathecomic on twitter for any comic updates instead plus other extra goodies.
i've managed to finish at least 100 pages without breaking the usual pace.
well, thanks for sticking around so far. hope you enjoy what's to come in the future.


also, keep an eye out on news updates. the comic's schedule is bound to change due to irl circumstances. more details later.
and that's that!
see ya next week, folks!
a lil' warning!
things are gonna get a lil' violent...

don't say i didn't warn ya! see ya next friday.
@TheHaxMan: quite strong indeed...
nice work so far
...that's not a bad assumption. @TheHaxMan