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I like eevees
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@Ulta: Don't mind me, I'm weird XD
@FedoraSpooky: Depending on their voices, I might be able to pull of that teenage voice for the main character, and maybe the harsh rasp that could be the ghost. Hmmmmm.... maybe lol
WAIT! My name is Spectral online, but people call me Spec! UwU
Things. Things people do when they are alone. Things they don't need to do this month XD

That is what we call, a D**k move lol
I know I'm a newcomer, but you honestly have something that deserves a dub or recognition.
Hey Fedora, have you thought about making this a dub if you get the chance?
Wow, it actually looks better hollowed. Gives it the feel of a monster from the deeps from which we don't understand.
Nice story line so far! And art style is amazing too. definitely gonna favorite
Hoi Hannair!!
Hoi Hannair!! Remember me? X3
@Siks: Wasn't trying to be mean, i just wanted to give some insight. Pkm draws way better than I can, i just notice small things Y-Y
awe, so cute!!! and also pkm, not being mean or anything, but their mouths are very linear in the last part. not trying to downgrade u, just trying to help u progress more and more in ur talent! ^-^
i missed something, but, Hi Pkm!
@Pinkeevee222: haha, yup, u guessed who i was. and yes @Swanfire