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I get my kicks from self control.

That's about as much of a riot as it sounds like.
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Just a thought, but I'm totally willing to bet that some enraged beedrill are -totally worse- than africanized honey bees.

And only now do I understand how terrifying the world of pokemon truly is.
I really like that atticus's jerk!training worked.

I like to think he and dragonthing will turn into jerk!buddies.

and DT will chill with Atticus, and act like a lighter, and they will be generally dismissive of everyone.



I think it's a beautiful vision.
Highlight. Of. My day.
August 19th, 2010
I'm actually looking forward to college. I think I'll have -more- free time.

Rush job this week again.
August 6th, 2010

*coughs* Pardon me.
July 28th, 2010
Whee for lack of time
Second job just called, they want my life back for a few weeks :D
July 21st, 2010
Thanks to Eishiya for her help :) We're switching fonts, and I'll be editing the text in previous pages when I have the time.

I'm really glad I'm only updating once a week right now. It makes my weekends and mondays much less stressful. And now that that second job is catching up....

*coughs* On a more relevant subject, I hope that hand looks as wrong and painful as I know it would feel. Breaking shit in your hands -sucks-. They are full of nerves and stuff. :|
July 15th, 2010
Thank you :)

I am lemaindelautre.
July 15th, 2010
re: SiliconMage
thanks for the comment :)

and sorry to scale back the update rate when the story is finally getting moving.
July 15th, 2010
re: eishiya
Actually, I love the crit, (and my personal rule of thumb is don't be on the internet if you can't handle it) and I think everything you've said is very helpful.

I honestly was concerned about the lettering. Is it getting better in the later pages? A lot of the pages need editing anyways, so I can get the text while doing small art fixes I need, but I'd like a starting point. I really don't like changing font size all that much, but I've kind of gotten myself used to it while trying to fit everything in. Yarochisai and I can go through and edit down the text-content again if it's that big a problem though.

As for the style, the messiness of the hatching is... honestly a product of time constraints, for the most part, but Yarochisai and I feel it works for the story. And as for this comic not being well-suited for SJ - we caught that one ourselves, we have a mirror on drunkduck, but I don't know that it's doing all that well there either. Perhaps for reasons 1 & 2. (Though, I honestly have no idea how drunkduck works. It could be doing better and I just haven't noticed...)

Speaking of #2..... ouch. I'm not exactly fond of that picture, but I'd filed it mentally under "ignore." But you're right, it's kind of right at the beginning, where it's going to make an impression. Is it poor enough that I should replace it with a plain title page until I have time to make a new one?

If you have AIM, Skype, or oovoo, and the inclination to do so, it would be lovely to have an objective eye on this.
July 15th, 2010
So, in other news....
I really like drawing the Balkan's Sorcerer. I can ref his twiggy wrists directly from mine.


So. Um. I think we're gonna have to scale back to once a week updates. I knew we'd have to do it eventually, when I start college..... but this is a bit ahead of schedule...

But, you know. I have my day job. And then I have a huge commission-based job coming up, for which the material is starting to pile in.... and then on top of all that, I've got to prep for college.

SO. From now on. Thursday updates only. :{
July 11th, 2010
Banners & etc.
Uh, btw, any thoughts on what a new banner should look like? What about the page layout? Thoughts? Anybody? Beuller?
July 11th, 2010
Early update
This is NEXT TUESDAYS update, guys. So there won't be another page until next Thursday. I'm going to be at college orientation until tuesday evening.... We could have left this until then, but I like adjusting the update time, occasionally, (mostly in an attempt to bring in new readers), and also because I wanted to be around to stalk the page and wait for comments :P

Anyways, I am quite fond of this page. High contrast = <3
July 7th, 2010
if there was more time in my day, every page of this comic would be in color.

....or I would spend it watching silly videos on youtube.

....Still, I love coloring.
July 5th, 2010
baaccckgrouuunddsss D:
Imma start foaming at the mouth over buildings, at some point. Fuck buildings.

Also, my townsfolk look creepy. But I'm PRETTY SURE sunken eyes are a symptom of dehydration, so, nyah.
June 23rd, 2010
Screw chainmail. And Hands. And this day. I'm going to go clean. And then sleep. x-X

(also, I srsly need to rebuild my buffer. This was cutting it a little close...)
June 21st, 2010
Re: :|
@ Yaro
That you would clearly be lost without me. :|
June 21st, 2010
I had to change oodles of words around on this page to make it fit, but Yarochisai isn't about to okay them, and I want to post it now, so you might be seeing edits to this page. I'll mention it on thursday if there are.

This scene will be wrapped up in the next page. Then there will be plot.
June 16th, 2010
I might go back in and edit this page a bit later, since I know what needs fixing, and they aren't huge base-level errors that are too much trouble to get to. But I can't bring myself to do it right now. Opening and resaving the files would just be a headache, with how bitchy my computer is at the moment.

In other news, I started work on tuesday. And ended high school on monday. Huzzah all around. Making money rocks.
June 15th, 2010
:3 Thank you for all your comments, and the fav of course.

Yeah, back in the days before google, research involved some actual work. I mean, hell, they didn't even have -yahoo-. Probably just typing in urls at random, hoping not to get porn.....