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that's an obvious!
i LOVE the movie "the princess bride"! what made you pick it as a storyline?

it's terrible and disorganized. i lost myself before i set to read it. and even then i was unable to figure out what was going on.
your english is worse than mine is by much more! thank you for giving me a boost of self esteem at your expense!

and there are only a few spelling errors that i notice. no excuses! you type yours out, so you should have spelling check! :3
pfft! anyone can do THAT! boring!
hey, yah can't laugh! they catch people that way sometimes. XD
the sprite barely resembles the drawing. but i've come to terms with that sortof thing. just letting you know that you could probably do alot more to the sprite to make it look like the drawing. ALOT more.

more forhead and less "spike" in the back. yo could probably even style his hair to resemble the drawing more, as that's where my major urk is. the rest is, eh, it's fine for what you're doing. :3
i figured it would be something cute, but i never figured on a bunny! ha!
"eat a dick!", i'm gonna use that one! XDD
how the fuck i ever missed this fuckin funny ass comic is beyond me. o.o fav-o-reeted!
XDDDDDD so sensitive!
simply beautiful!
oh! antennae! alright. i thought those were hairs ^^
i tried that once, burned my lip. xD
that's just great, i can literally picture the snoopy dance
SPHYNX!!! Mrrrawr! ^^ so cute
o.o that is so true.

and LAN party? xDD that is so sad it's gotta be true. what the hell...

i remember back in the day we used to go out in the woods, get drunk, and maybe feel around in each other's pants... beats the SHIT outta some dumb-ass LAN party!
XDDD i still can't get over this doll comic! i can picture you setting them up and taking the pictures. it's kinda creepy...



yes. o.o 'course i don't know what yah look like, so you're probably worse off in my mind 'cuz of that when i picture these things... :3
xDD that blonde dude totally looks like a chick anyways, so he deserves it!

quick fix, ~^ bam.
does it matter? this is shit! 8D