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Wacky Dragon lady.

Currently working on some fancomics for practice. Expect to see some original content someday. :p
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Went back to using the text tool.
I changed the art style a bit. Gave Silver's face a bit more color and gave his hair texture. I think it looks nice.
Poor Pupper.

Also I think you uploaded this post twice by accident.
Ack I forgot to post this here a few days ago.
For some reason the music I was listening to started to line up with what was happening.

The song went quiet at this page, nothing but the wind was heard, then a somber build up to the next attack.

It was magical.

In My last Mourning by Thy Light if anyone was wondering.
Got a lot of teammates really quick at the start of this game.
Though this is probably just a fun coincidence I'm gonna leave a future prediction here for you all.

Spyro is basically dead. His body is there but his soul isn't. Validor could be the reincarnation of Spyro or Spyro could be an ancestor guiding Val but does not want to show himself to him because he will scare him.

Though the former prediction is more iffy then the prior, it could go both ways or neither and this whole page could be just to throw us off the trail.
Oof, I seemed to have gone missing for awhile on this. I'll try to get more out soon.
I didn't expect the grim reaper to be a pokemon trainer. 0.0
Jeez, is Pikachu trying to get everyone killed?!

Someone punch him. Just someone hit him a bunch. He's a bad boy.
Pecha finds out something about his new trainer.
And... We're back folks.
I'm busy sketching down all the pages of chapter two. Magnum Opus should be back in a week or two.

In the meantime I have something else I'm working on that will be up soon. If you like dragons and tragedy you'll be into it.

Hope you all have a nice day. <3
@SeahDaLunatic: The page should be up now and my link takes you to my main page.

I don't know why even the link to the page wouldin't work but I suppose I will have to make due.

Hope you have a nice day, Luna.
For some reason this page won't upload. Read this page on deviant art if you need to. Sorry about that. :/


Oops forgot to resize the sketch before starting. It's okay though.

And oh, Chapter One is over. See you in Chapter Two.

Edit: I made it smaller. Kinda makes it have less quality though. :/
Oh hey I didn't know you posted here too. I love your style, it's cute. Good luck on the nuzlocke.
Ah the berries that heal wounds. Also don't worry Pecha's leaf will be healed when they stop again.

I'm on a roll today. Gonna try to finish up this chapter today. (It's just one more page. :P ) But for now I'm going to get some lunch, see you in a bit.
Sorry for the delay. Lack of motivation and ect. :/