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Wacky Dragon lady.

Currently working on some fancomics for practice. Expect to see some original content someday. :p
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Jeez, is Pikachu trying to get everyone killed?!

Someone punch him. Just someone hit him a bunch. He's a bad boy.
Pecha finds out something about his new trainer.
And... We're back folks.
I'm busy sketching down all the pages of chapter two. Magnum Opus should be back in a week or two.

In the meantime I have something else I'm working on that will be up soon. If you like dragons and tragedy you'll be into it.

Hope you all have a nice day. <3
@SeahDaLunatic: The page should be up now and my link takes you to my main page.

I don't know why even the link to the page wouldin't work but I suppose I will have to make due.

Hope you have a nice day, Luna.
For some reason this page won't upload. Read this page on deviant art if you need to. Sorry about that. :/


Oops forgot to resize the sketch before starting. It's okay though.

And oh, Chapter One is over. See you in Chapter Two.

Edit: I made it smaller. Kinda makes it have less quality though. :/
Oh hey I didn't know you posted here too. I love your style, it's cute. Good luck on the nuzlocke.
Ah the berries that heal wounds. Also don't worry Pecha's leaf will be healed when they stop again.

I'm on a roll today. Gonna try to finish up this chapter today. (It's just one more page. :P ) But for now I'm going to get some lunch, see you in a bit.
Sorry for the delay. Lack of motivation and ect. :/
Ooo Hank's not happy with Connor.
I thought of this when I first started reading your webcomic. I'm not sure it was even possible for Hank to look like a bishounen but you did it...somehow.

Everyone in this comic looks really shiny and clean and I love that.
But there's something else.
@SeahDaLunatic: Yep they're both being dumbos at this point in time. :p
Bad thing happens immediately after we made up... We must go, our planet needs us!
I know Cyndaquil doesn't learn scratch but this move is more like a non attack if that makes sense. In my headcannon Cyndaquil has claws but they're small n stuff.

Oof, it's been hard not to slack off on this. Next page isn't done yet and won't be for a few days or so...
The next page will be up later today or tomorrow depending if I finish it today.
That smile is fake and you know it dude.