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Glad It's Out!!
You know when you have one of those personal projects that just won't finish up? This issue was that project. Glad it's out!!
Working on the Other 2...
The issue I get stuck in my posture corrector. Page 01 of 03. Currently working on getting the other 2 pages out. Will upload them when done.
Lately, I've been feeling a bit down, and overwhelmed by my ADHD... it may have come through in this issue. Oh well, they can't all be sunshine and daisies. Maybe next time.
Mulan and its properties are owned by Disney. This comic story is by me though.
For more info, read here...
-Panel 01 Context: gy-triggers-backlash-from-victims-158358.html.
-Panel 02 Context: -To read more on ACTUAL ADHD symptoms, vs. what delusional people are scapegoating ADHD as, read here:

Hope you guys enjoy the comic!:)