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October 15th, 2015
@JigokuNeko: Many people keep racing pigeons in the UK. However, they're normal wildlife and we see a lot of wildlife which I am keen on (I like exotics in general) so I'm happy to see them and know how to restrain so I can properly examine is important.
October 14th, 2015
@JigokuNeko: As I am now a fully qualified vet I see several pigeons daily!! Once you learn the pigeon hold it's all good and they're all well-behaved. XD
November 28th, 2014
Raven from long song!!
Don't make promises you cannot keep, especially since you have no control over such things!
I know what's gonna happen! Been waiting for this chapter *zips lip*

Wait last chapter! We're almost done telling my life story T.T
@JigokuNeko: no silly, but there was just too many problems with this night I knew something was going to stop them :P
Yep, it was exactly what I was expecting haha
@JigokuNeko: :P Just a few vet students on there, I'll make sure anyone who uses It copy rights you :D
I had to share this page on my facebook with the rest of the vet students haha
Enjoy yourself while you can! Final year is soul sucking busy...*dies*
@JigokuNeko: Yes, because that's much better XD haha.
FOURTEEN!! She called her fourteen times. Monster much. XD
How is a top 5 student unsure about that question. If they animal isn't brough to you in the first 20-30 minute of ingestion either works. Anything beyond that neither will work and you must use activated charcoal, fluid therapy, supportive therapy and any specific treatments if you know the toxins, which you usually don't.

Honestly now. *shakes head in disappointment* :P
@JigokuNeko: It depends on the break and age of the horse. You can get pretty severe breaks in a foal and treat them. We're starting to be able to treat breaks in adult legs, but the technology and techniques aren't fully there yet. But you can treat. What you have to remember is that horses take most of their weight on back legs and if they break those the prognosis is worse than a forelimb. Also horses cannot be recumbent for very long (die if spend more than 25 minutes on their side- essentially they suffocate though it's a bit more complex than that) and they fear and resent slings (not always but often) and often freak out if put into them. So you're not always left with a lot of options.

We can euthanize with phenobarbital like in dogs and cats but they're very big, need a lot of drug and it's super duper expensive. Shooting is less painful than the drugs too since they don't feel anything.

I'm happy to graduate in like 15 months, but then I'll be a working vet. I'll never be a student again. It's just sad, I've been a student my whole life (sadly because I'm a sad person) so it's just sad. I dislike change haha.
You asked about the horsey vet stuff welllll my advice is don't! Horses suck (I love them and worked with them for years BUT) go near them with one bacteria and they become emergencies and they're dumb and like to run into barbed wire fences then freak out when they get caught. If a cow gets caught in barbed wire it stands still and shakes it off it's leg then goes about its business. Not horses, they freak out until a vet has to come a shot them cause they're missing 3 legs XD

horses break in the same way every time, legs and feet, sinusitis (usually caused by a tooth abscess tooth- 209 usually), colic (LOTS OF IT) and respiratory infections. They all have heart murmurs but they have 200% cardio reserve so it doesn't affect them (humans have 20% for comparison- and yes vets have to learn about people diseases too, we learn EVERY animal). They're made of 40L of blood and bleed A LOT. Draw lots of blood as that's normal for them to bleed like a pig (actually like a horse) :P

Just facebook me if you want more input I can give you lots having worked with horses in the past and I'm doing my horse course right now. It's all I have left then I won't be a vet student anymore :( sad day.
@JigokuNeko: sorry the pharmacology reply by guest was me. I forgot to sign in.
She'll be okay! I already did all the toxicology. Treatment for everything is all the same 4 steps. If you save 20% of patients you're doing well. Easy peasey (in a sad way since most die as you never know what poisoned them).
All the points he gained with me he 100% lost when he called her 'crazy' chick. That is one of the 5 words no human should ever call another. It's derogatory, bullying and indefensible and lessens the importance of people with true mental diseases. If she claims I'm not crazy then everyone can say, 'by saying you're not crazy you're only proving you are'. I loathe those kinda of words. *hits him in head with basketball*
Just noticed you claimed her to be as mastiff- maybe doesn't suffer from brachycephalic syndrome then :P
daawwwww elisa is adorable. definitely going to be suffering from brachycephalic syndrome, but she's a soon to be vet and will be able to fix her all up :P