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Also known as Maiara the mare. Wife of Lark, the creator of the webcomic Aww, Feathers!
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    Clarissa Whiting
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It's been a great adventure so far! well 7 years and counting that is. and itches do happen very often ..well back itches that is...oh hon I got an itch!
@Skybox: thanks for reading! and keep reading. And he does enjoy those reptiles :)
@Renegade: and sometimes its also served cold! haha!
she is so artsy. takes after daddy of course in that aspect :) now a statue of chocolate I wouldn't mind myself haha!
@Douglas Collier: haha yup about that much is my skill level right now.. although I did do art in school and art lessons with an art teacher I only did it for a short time and my skills fell flat :/
Hey this is Maiara, So Lark is feeling under the weather. So here is my small attempt to tide you guys over till tomorrow ..haha! p.s I never draw so here are the stick figures ! its us in case you need help deciphering the figures.

( if you need help figuring out whats going on its me telling Lark to get his tail to bed after trying to finish the page with an upset stomach)
@Casanova: haha if i remember I will answer them! Did you have any questions??
@Aldred: well Hi to you to!
@Mardozer: Don't even think about it!
@inejwstine: haha i could work something out with that ;)
So what is my salary??? Haha! Don't worry I won't charge to much.