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what assholes, Chel's way to cool for them
September 10th, 2019
I'd love to see Florida man's and his friends' bios on the cast page
damn you're posting things?? during the week of your wedding?? hardcore! don't worry abt the comic just enjoy the wedding+honeymoon. Congrats!
I'm tyna fuck the whole cabinet tbh
@Guilded Shadow: holy shit #846 fits so perfect
November 21st, 2018
Im not saying that I'm better for having a sibling, but when the apocalypse hits, you know that Imma b alert no matter what because If I hadn't learned that, Im pretty sure I wouldn't have made it past 12 years old
Hey congrats on 1000 pages. you are my favorite artist

But it's not right for the police to assume that they are going to be violent, especially if it involves innocent people being killed. It's the duty of the police to keep the peace, not decide who deserves to die. (btw, the chances that a black person is a criminal is not "massively higher" than a white person, black people are just convicted more often and more harshly than white people)

I'm aware that the police don't want to die, but they have to realize that they are officers of the law, death is a possibility in their line of work. the risks of their job don't entail them to shoot their way out of any uncomfortable situation

Those cops that decide not to respond to crimes committed by Black people don't deserve the office that they hold. Period.
@Popo: what? there are so many examples where the police handle interactions with black people with more force than necessary. ffs they killed a guy for reaching for his wallet because they assumed he was going for his gun (the one that he legally owned and that he told the police that he had, but didn't intend to use)
SSG08 ftw
i cant wait until this continues