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@Koal: Yes I was
@Sudux: yes

and btw, in case you were wondering, the reason I haven't updated either comic in a while is because i don't really have any ideas to continue them for now. I will finish them in the future, i'm just taking a break from them for now.
@GamerDude7: i knew this kind of comment would come up on this page eventually.
@applehead27: well i mean kirby is pretty much their mortal enemy so
Bandana Waddle Dee spritesheet is by gameboy09.
@Sudux: Besides Mirror's two Personalities (Red and Blue), not really.
@Sudux: Yep. I don't really know what they were trying to achieve, but while doing that, Stone and Ice just crashed into Ninja on accident.
@Sudux: I don't exactly remember where I got Kirby himself, but the others are from The Spriters Resource.
@Sudux: Maybe that is what's going on.
@Sudux: It seems that they're mostly on Kirby, and I don't know how to fix it.
This is mostly a filler comic testing out sprite sheets.
@Sudux: The program I use is Paint 3D
@Sudux: I tried when you linked them to me, but the turn way too small whenever I try to get one specific sprite from them, so it would be pretty helpful if somebody could find a way to fix that for me.
wait why is it so low-quality?
@Sudux: That would help me out a bit. I also don't really use sprite sheets, just singular sprites.