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I had a good day before, but now my day is just fantastic! Nice to see an update!
November 15th, 2011
OMFG can't unsee the incentive.
November 1st, 2011
Have I ever mentioned how much I love all the different monster forms? No?

Well I do. x___x <33
SO HAPPY to see this update again. Definitely worth the wait. <3
Argh, words cannot describe just how much I love your work. It's original, the character designs are epicly awesome, the visual style is beautiful, and it seems you've really put thought into the world and all of these are things I looove. <3
I'd like to see you continue this, it was entertaining and I really love the visual style. Keep up the good job, I'm looking forward to your original story as well!
March 24th, 2011
Haha, what a jerk :D
Haha, pure gold.
IMO this version of GH has crap songs. >:C
Calibrate the guitar, sillyhead XD;

I LOVE the panel with you on your head. And this is why I always read instructions. 8D
November 17th, 2010
@Everlong: Well, HE doesn't know everyone thinks he's dead? 8D
Omg yay. I r excite. 8>
I fuckin' hate those, the most useless invention ever.
LOL look at him panic, poor thing! It's kinda hilarious xD
Waah, so caring. xD

ON THE OTHER HAND she's really, really pretty. And haha, a queen who stutters? That's golden xD
Waah, it's amazing to see how much you've progressed *3*
I'd LOVE to know what part of that looks half-assed. XD;

I was all GASP WTF IS THIS when I saw Serai had been updated! I LOVE YOU ;^; <3
I loved it! And even if I wished it was slightly longer, I don't really mind it being this short,- I mean, I could just reread it when I want to. <3
Shame it's ending already, this has so much potential. Either way, it's been joyful to read!