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oh no. Poor Harmony. Already a broken back and now she has to deal with... her... this is sad. But good for character development.
Lol congrats my friend! Wow I need to update my pfp
@Nekomata-chan: Well cool! Thankfully I actually have other stuff to do. Enjoy your special course!
Are you ok?
this comic hasn't been updated in 4 weeks. i was wondering if you're busy or just is a really hard to drw chapter. well wishes
@EEVEES!!!!!: what pun?
HA x2?
Oh... 10th time reading over the comic I see what it’s called HA x2
@sorosora I love how little sense this will make to other people who aren't in the discord group
@OneeChanEevee: nice
you can change the icon in account settings lmao
@Nekomata-chan: Totally understand. Good luck with all that
Wait discord?
@Pinkeevee222:Discord? srsly... after 4 times of reading the comic... how did i miss this. how do i join it? i barely use my discord. im in 1 group and it only has like 6 people on it and they make up most of my friends of discord too.

scratch that just found it
@Enderstar: My guess is that Mari will go to the old character warehouse with star... or will keep being used just not as a mascot and author pokesona.
Well i feel stupid
I love this comic and it's alway refreshing to read something new even if it's a guest comic. buuuuut... is reading the comic 4 times, watching the videos over and over and over agin along with studying each character in the comic and on the list for hints at the story too much dedication?
@Furyeevee112: check your email for your verification email it should have your username in it
@Furyeevee112: Did that work?
To make a smack jeeves acount
@Furyeevee112: literally just press the +FAV button in the top right corner
@Furyeevee112: MAKE AN ACCOUNT
dude you sould make an actual account then, lol. PM me if you do. i need someone to discuss random crap about this story and not be judged
try this
@BaileyBella13: Something that helped me is 1)re-reading the comic. even if it seems tedious it can be super helpful. (i say this as someone who has read it three times.) 2)if you re-read it look for the hidden messages in the comic that the author left for the truly dedicated. (when i say dedicated i mean the people who are lucky or have no life outside of comics lol)
Don't even know why i bother leaving comments anymore. Well anyway this comic is one of the few stories that i have ever read and re-read and re-read AGAIN. i did it beause i enjoyed the comic and the story is so in depth that it's a little hard to follow and i just want to know more!! I can't wait for the rest of the comic!