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what's a money.
i barely have enough money for stuff so rip.
great to see a new page from you though!
i get more interested every new comic
GWS Friend
as i've alread6 said to you, take a break, enjoy it, come back refreshed and ready to continue. It's the holidays and i hope you enjoy it!
my friend reccomended this comic and so far i can see why he likes it so much. Can't wait to see more of it honestly.
so like... i just... he... Blizz is special, just so special in all of the ways.
Ignore dis tbh
@Pinkeevee222: consider this a test cuz it’s 2:00am and I’m bored af and can’t sleep.
Need I say more?
Stop hating. Like. Seriously.
@Guest: hey you do realize that like... she’s good friends with the writer of SSEC and isn’t copying her in any way. You’ve just hit the point of low where you think everything is an attack against something you like. You have made SSEC part of you and you have started taking everything personally even though it’s the authors job to do that. You are not Pinkeevee222 or Scruffyeevee or whatever you call her. So stop hating on other comics due to similarities and show some maturity.
@AgentOfChaos : same to you.
@BlizzXDaisy111: why you responding to me??? I’m excited not pressuring. Like it just started you don’t need to be rude.
Refreshing as always
I’ve been getting a little behind on my comic reading lately due to life problems. But I will say it was very refreshing to come on here and to see new content from you. I excited to see more your story. It really does have me interested! And sorry you have people pressuring you to make more. That’s just rude. Comic artists are people who want to share their work. Not machines that make entertainment for us.
This comic...
It’s barely even started and I want more. Can’t wait to see where everything goes with this!!!
oh no. Poor Harmony. Already a broken back and now she has to deal with... her... this is sad. But good for character development.
Lol congrats my friend! Wow I need to update my pfp
@Nekomata-chan: Well cool! Thankfully I actually have other stuff to do. Enjoy your special course!
Are you ok?
this comic hasn't been updated in 4 weeks. i was wondering if you're busy or just is a really hard to drw chapter. well wishes
@EEVEES!!!!!: what pun?
HA x2?
Oh... 10th time reading over the comic I see what it’s called HA x2
@sorosora I love how little sense this will make to other people who aren't in the discord group