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Good News!
I'm glad SulferBunny is all right. Let's hope something changes with the healthcare policy?
Never Mind......
@Ngamer01, I guess well just have to wait.... I really hope it's nothing serious.
@??(Guest). Considering that Shipping wars and threats, is what caused her to stop responding to the comments section in the first place... we may need to consider alternate options....maybe we should try to ask Silval58 first? They seem to be Sulferbunny's "Right hand man".
Different Solution
@??(Guest) We don't want Sulferbunny mad, that may make things worse. I think the best option is to wait. @Sulferbunny I hope you are feeling well.
Overpowered, Yet Not Invincible...
@MercenaryX, Agreed, it makes Mewtwo more likeable.
Detective Pikachu Review.
@MercenaryX, I saw it last night as well. The trailer completely revealed the entire movie. My favorite part, was when Pikachu sang the Pokemon theme song. Moral of the story: No matter what, Mewtwo will always be overpowered. Ha!
Happy April
Should I be worried, it's been three months? I wish there was another post it page, or notification, something that says Sulferbunny is getting better. Healing takes time though. I hope everything is going well.
Plan B!
@MercenaryX: Let's Hope that Loc can stall long enough!
Too Many Notifications...
@Ngamer01, Oh. PM system it is then.
Making Pokeballs
@MercenaryX, In Pokemon Crystal, you can go to Azalea town, and find Kurt the Pokeball maker. Kurt makes pokeballs out of Apricorn. Could a pokemon do something similar, if pokeballs run out?
Pokemon, Pokeballs.
MercenaryX, I like it!

1) Would a Pokemon have to be already captured in a pokeball, so the prisioner can't trap them in it, or get accidently trapped?

2) Pokemon have been known to escape a pokeball, even captured (Psyduck, and Wobbuffet) Would something similar to this go down?

3) What if a crooked pokemon was put in power, and trapped everyone in pokeballs? Or a thief stole pokeballs, and used their idea?

4) What would happen if it was a mob boss, and pokemon tried to get their boss back? (That would be an interesting Poke'mon battle.

5) Is there a precaution if a dangerous pokemon is a powerful legendary? (BossKitty is not going to end up in a pokeball easily.)

Conclusion: This is going to be fun to see how this play's out.
Tough To Decide
@ZoroJr, Agreed. Darkrai and Mewtwo's character growth is a great part of the story. I always liked the sillier parts, where Jen and Houndoom play with a stick. (Ironically Page 357: Stick)
A Few Days
@ZoroJr Welcome to the Victory Fire Comic! Glad you like it! Any favorite moments of the story throughout so far?
Still Better
@MercenaryX, Fair point.
Mundane Birthday
@MercenaryX, I got a $50.00 gift card for Barnes and Noble on my Birthday. A pok'emon themed cake. I don't remember what presents I got.
Slight Mix up
@MercenaryX, Okay then! It is Silva58. I was confused by the logo. By the way, how was your birthday?
Happy Birthday!
@MercenaryX, I hope you enjoyed your special day, that only comes once a year. Was it eventful? Cake, presents, streamers, the works? I imagine toady went well?

@sulfurbunny, HI! I didn't think you responded anymore. Is there a moment, or part of the comic that you are the most proud of?
TV Spinoff
@MercenaryX, @Don't call me anything (Guest) Victory Fire would be fun to watch on T.V. Also, going back in time sound like fun.
@Scrunkd(Guest) I'm glad you like the comic! Welcome to Victory Fire! As we know, Sulfer Bunny Needs her rest. May I humor you, in reminiscing with you on your favorite parts of the comic?
Make Fan Art...
@MercenaryX, I will work on that!