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October 7th, 2018
@HopelessSpirit: Omg i know how you feel, it sucks right?XD I just binge read this whole comic
owo, uwu
August 21st, 2018
August 16th, 2018
le shook o^o
WAIT! Im sorry if this doesnt make sense but...what if after ben kissed rudy, rudy got some sort of STD where he inherits some sort of demon like Mr. edburt from Ben? Maybe touching has somthing to do with the whole demon/schizophrenia type thing? lol im probably wrong.
waiiiittttt ....... those ben recording it? are these the 'movies' rudy was talking about?....;-; on second thought....i'd rather not think about it lol
nooo my smol been ;-;
Now i can't decide who to ship ;w; I like the idea of these two being together but I like the idea of yun with alex too...(sorry Im bad when it comes to remembering names lol)
Happy anniversary! Although I haven't been reading the whole eight years and just discovered this comic a few months ago, I imagine you put a ton of work into it thus far and you can really tell too! Its amazing and I can't wait to read more! Hope you have a good time @ Tracon and T'bubble.
me nine.
dat booty tho
Thanks for making this comic! It was cute and i'm glad it had a happy ending. I will say that the end seemed a bit rushed. Anyways, I can't wait for the spin-off! owo
NOOOOOO ;-; ah the cliffhanger....
awww, they're so cute!
oooo...did they leave the oven on? cuz its gettin howt in here ;))
so what exactly does he owe? ;3