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Greetings and hello! I am a new comic creator and DM!!
Hey, I realized I haven’t uploaded in weeks, sorry about that, but this kinda got away from me.
Sorry I didn't upload a page last week!! My schedule is all over the place during summer! 😰
Ok so my pc's read my web comic and they might go, "I don't remember this" well I added a whole lot more drama instead of what originally happened. In real life they just looked over my dm screen.
I'm still not great at digital art!
I am trying really hard and if some one can send me a link on a quick and easy tutorial I will be so grateful!!😅
Anyways once again there is only one page this week, mainly because of the part that I don't know what I'm doing! So sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for reading!!
Sorry that there is only one page this week. I have had a busy Memorial Day weekend! Also I switched the style of art to digital! Hopefully that fixes quality issues!
@sis: Thankyou Vexen!❤️
Mind! Not made!! (Srry the adocorect😓)
I would like to say; sorry for how some of the pages are different sizes. I upload my comics through an iPad so it doesn't show that there's a difference in size! I'm also sorry about how the quality of each page varies alot as well.
I wouldn't made if I got feedback about my comic as well, such as what I'm doing good or what I need to improve! Constructive criticism.
Anyways thanks for reading!!
Teach me your ways of drawing epically!! My fight scene in my comic looks vary under whelming... to me any ways i haven't uploaded it yet...
@guardian79: Naw you fine
@Holden-Not-bill Hahahahahaha 😂
The last page and this page will hopefully be the only one with an actual swear word. Also during this part I'm the game I had to mentally on the spot come up with what happens next. So I was in literal hell. And as my pcs read my comic finding out that I was suffering, they will most likely try to do it again because they are jerks and think it is funny. But it was still fun! I was having fun!
Hello Cross! You as the pc can see how, as the DM, I interpreted every action!
Smol note
Sorry that the edges are a little choppy. Also the image in the corner is my logo, I just forgot to add it to the first page.❤️❤️
Thanks for reading!😄
Greetings and hello!!
Welcome to my web comic!!❤️
This is made based of of my dnd campaign. Also to make my friends look more epic or stupid then they all are acting.