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Little Puppy
Call me Is or Pup. (:

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Poor lily...:(
I wonder if I should be worried that I find this morbidly amusing...
Lol, you do change the story a lot. This version sounds interesting, please stay with it?
Is it too late to join?
YESH! Evil Plan is awesome! :D

Yay for crossovers! XD
Great page! Happy New Years too! ^^
Does Matthew's twin know about his job?
Lol, what wonderful brotherly love!
Is she afraid of Joey?
I feel like something's going to happen...
Wow! The way you shade is great! I wish I knew how to draw like that...
Great page! I hope he gets found soon...
I'm loving this comic so far! *faves*
Cover looks awesome!
Hehe, he's so adorable!
Lol, I laughed so much at this page. I like her reaction
What do you mean by vote?
Kole looks pretty in this...
Oooh, what's Joey planning...
Lol, that's gotta hurt.
Lol, I almost feel sorry for his mother.