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I'm just a dweeb on the internet who had an idea for a comic and finally decided to go through with it. I love Pokemon, JRPGs, Steven Universe, Disney, and a lot of other things. Comic will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday.
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Tai has had it up to here with these feral people and their arguments.
Boy, Amber, it sure does suck having a parent who cares about you doesn't it?

Sarcasm aside, I'm really liking seeing these interactions between the two of them.
He's on his way to getting a 'you tried' sticker.
@Allieluigico: Because where would the fun be if it was a random Rattata instead of one we knew?
Rule 9 is the best rule. Power to the Bulbasaur lovers!
Huh. Amber has braces now, it looks like. Interesting development.
Wigglytuff is the best guild master. Everyone else go home.
I originally intended to have us follow Scrap, Notch, and Tiny before we saw Trick lead Evangeline to the sewers, but I thought it flowed a bit better to reverse it. So here we are, cutting back to the boys.
@Allieluigico: That she does, friend. That she does.
@Allieluigico: Probably because, at least in Evangeline's case, the most thinking she's ever really had to do has been related to her show training and what 'outfits' to wear. And whether or not to be mad at friends for what she thinks are the right reasons. Critical thinking just isn't her strong suit.
@RoninHunt0987: Round One - FIGHT.

Also, yes. Yes he is.
@YolkenEgg: You say that as though anyone would write a fanfic based on this comic to begin with.
The lack of Fang's eye shines in the last panel was an artistic choice. An attempt to make him look more villainous. I also can promise you that any NSFW implications were not intentional.
@YolkenEgg: I can see how folks would get that vibe, but definitely not my intention. ^^
@mcslurpi: Keen eyes! That is indeed Skitter.
@Allieluigico: Psh, that? It just adds to the legitness of the page, don't you know?
@MR.Zoet: I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
I can tell it was fun! It looks gorgeous. :D
Totally legit next page, you gaiz.
@Allieluigico: The most inconvenient of predicaments, indeed!