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DarkLight the Umbreon
I am DarkLight the undefeatable Umbreon. Let me tell you about myself.

I was born in an orphanage surronded by five others that were watching me hatch. There was a tailow a piplup a cubone an eevee and a jolteon. i was found as an egg with my brother and sister after our parent's were slaughtered by a group of steel types calling themselves the Forgers of Light. Soon after i was born i became best friends with cubone and piplup, cubone was named hollow and piplup is named Kaisui. My sisters name is Violet and my brothers name was Volt. One night when i was eating some berries with my friends the Forgers of Light appeared and destroyed the place i called home for four years. There where few survivors my brother, jolteon and my friend cubone both were critically injured. I tried to help, but i didnt know what to do. Eventually they both died. Two weeks after that kaisui violet two others and I decided to become a rescue team so that this dosent happen again. I evovled right after becoming a rescue team when i was defending my injured sister from a shuppet duskull and lampent. we are traveling the region searching for places that need help and for the Forgers of Light main HQ.
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    N0t g0nnA tell y0u
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Its slowly producing less comics.
THATS really powerful move
Who is your favorite character
I see why he became fast, it's
Because he is fragile
What are the blue box and green blanket for, are they going to capture someone with it and question them?
Wheres vaporeon when you need her
For anyone else did it say updates daily
Last updated 4 days ago

Or was it just my phone?
I think i like this comic? But i am unsure as i read every thing in one sitting. time to go read this comic like three more times!
I wanna cry because this comic is so awesome, EEVEE IS THE BEST P O K É M O N.
The question is does he really care?
The question is does he really care?
I am the amazing umbreon here to here to be amazed by this amazing comic, isn't that amazing