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Hi! Don't mind me, I'm just your friendly neighborhood 2D animator, illustrator, pokemon trainer... Oh, and sometimes I also make comics! Also, I have way too many hats.
Buckle up kiddos, we're going to Narnia!
He just wants to sleeeeep...
@The Orange Cow: Ah, that's actually a big mirror on the wall, there. XD Still had to bust his way in.
His level of how much he cares can be determined simply by looking at how well he's handling that mirror right now...
It's not ancient! It's advanced!
A practical lad. XD ;
@DarkFlameOSecrets: Yeaahh, it's something I'll try to correct as soon as I can. It looked okay on my screen while I was coloring it, but I saw it was pretty dark on my other monitor, and the light colored background of the site doesn't do it any favors. x_x
A wild house appears!
Happy new years, folks! And now, we're back to our regularly scheduled boy lost in the woods!
It's too late to turn back.

Also a quick announcement: Due to next week falling on Christmas and family coming to visit, I don't think I'll be able to have an update ready then... So yeah, Kilroy will probably be taking a week's break. That said, it will deffo return on January 1st, so keep an eye out! Happy holidays!
D... do you think they like cats, maybe...?

(Also aaaaa, Kilroy got featured on the Comic Spotlight! Just wanna say hello and thanks to anyone who found me on there and read through, this has basically made my entire year! ;w; )
Well... at least it stopped raining! .w.
@BloomBlitz: Not in any way that'll keep him dry, that's for sure! @H@
Fun fact: A bus did this exact thing to me before when I was trying to get home from work. XD ;
Lead the way!
@Tissa: Exactly that, it's intended to be ambiguous. owo This does take place in a different world, so while there are similarities to ours, it kinda runs on its own internal logic.
Wuh-oh, time to put your money where your reflection of his mouth is!
@SpectralKody: Omg thank you! I don't really have any plans to make an official dub since I don't really know many voice actors and I haven't posted a whole lot of pages up yet, but I would absolutely be over the moon if someone wanted to do a fandub at some point. ;w;