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Hi! Don't mind me, I'm just your friendly neighborhood 2D animator, illustrator, pokemon trainer... Oh, and sometimes I also make comics! Also, I have way too many hats.
So birds CAN fly after all! Knew it!

(Really though, it is a bit surprising for a spirit to move around something physical. XD ; )
Darn it, Trevor, that's not very advertiser-friendly of you!
Time to turn this museum into an 80's music video!
@IconicAnemone: Cosplay? Nope, he is indeed semi-aquatic.
Look over there! A distraction!
What? What kinda thief wouldn't stop by the gift shop first?
Let's face it, though...
He'd probably still try to steal from a dragon.
The gang's all here!
Bit of a timeskip, but absolutely worth it since I get to draw this guy now. >w<
AND WE'RE BACK, with the start of Chapter 2! There's actually gonna be heists in it this time! Aaaa!
@Triforce Fandom: I mean, Echo would probs be a Murkrow so that would work! XD
Aaand with this two-page update, we have officially reached the end of Chapter 1!! What do you guys think so far?
I'll be taking the next week off to work on more pages, so Kilroy will be back with Chapter 2 starting on May 14. Gotta get a page buffer back up. XD ; So yeah, stay tuned!
Owl laaaaamp!
The lack of sleep's catching up to him a lil bit, there. .w.;
Normally I'd put a witty comment here, but right now I'm just so happy I made it to 50 pages! Aaaaa!!
That's... a normal thing to be missing, right? .u.;
I'm batmaaaaan...