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Hi! Don't mind me, I'm just your friendly neighborhood 2D animator, illustrator, pokemon trainer... Oh, and sometimes I also make comics! Also, I have way too many hats.
Scuttling along the ground with determination!
To the roof!
No duckies left behind!
A startling deduction!
Just realized I kinda made the smoke bomb look like a pokeball... XD ;
I apologize for any disappointment the last page might have set you up for. <XD ;

Alas, this thief's just too slippery (at least, for now).
Insert obligatory page number joke riiiiiight... here.
Who'd have thought sound quality would ever matter in a comic?
Whoops, how'd that get there?
The face of a man who's quietly going through all of his life choices up to this moment, wondering how on earth he ended up chasing after this absolute weirdo...
So birds CAN fly after all! Knew it!

(Really though, it is a bit surprising for a spirit to move around something physical. XD ; )
Darn it, Trevor, that's not very advertiser-friendly of you!
Time to turn this museum into an 80's music video!
@IconicAnemone: Cosplay? Nope, he is indeed semi-aquatic.
Look over there! A distraction!
What? What kinda thief wouldn't stop by the gift shop first?