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An engineering geologist by trade, I've never shaken my love of drawing. During a lecture in university, my professor recounted some of his experience mapping bedrock outcrops in Antarctica and the idea for a geologically-savoy penguin field partner was born. For years the geology penguin has lived on in a discontinuous series of doodles and field sketches in class and in the field as my career has developed. Over that period, the cast of characters has slowly grown to include the octopus intern (and geology penguin's field partner), the instrumentation mouse (a character developed by a coworker who specializes in instrumentation), and the toucan (a bubbly coworker highly sensitive to cold weather). The adventures of geology penguin and his friends largely stem from my own experiences in industry but allow me to explore challenges from a wildly different angle.
Now based in Colorado, my work began in Alberta, Canada and continues to take me across western Canada and the US. When I'm not doodling or out in the field, I can usually be found playing and listening to music, catching up with friends over beverages and boardgames, or putzing around outside, on the hunt for new ideas :)
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The gang battling the wind aboard the barge during marine works activities in the Northwest Territories. Barges with cranes equipped with clamshell buckets were used to dredge the lake bottom in preparation for construction, somebody thought it would be a good idea to have the team on board to participate.