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Surprised Eve didn't destroy the plateau too.
Why are so many people hating on her drawing? She's clearly not an artist, as has been shown numerous times. She just did her best as a gift for her (seemingly only) friend and travel companion. I think it's a sweet gesture.
Is it possible that Darkrai is causing the nightmare? Since his powers are strongest when the moon is not visible, maybe since the moon is nearly gone in this page, the necklace can't stop all of his influence?

Not to mention the fact that the necklace has been glowing ever since night fell.
George is gonna unintentionally ruin Atty's plan that she is unknowingly a part of, isn't she?
With the power of-
incredible violence.
And Friendship!
Holy Arceus, that's the symbol Hoopa was telling Jen to say or rather a piece of it. Is it an entire universe or just the foundation of one?
I think Atty and George make really good foils for each other. Arry is pessimistic but a good planner and down to earth, while George is optimistic, spontaneous, and a dreamer.
You look happier.
Only a couple for one page and Eve is already forcing Pulse out of her comfort zone.
Why didn't you just leave out the back way right next to where Zapdos was?
Does anyone feel even a little bit bad that Atty is going to rob the Pokemon fan club of their pokemon?
Lots of repels were needed for this.