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@GreenKrog: i can understand, I just hope you are able to bring this comic to conclusion rather than an abrupt stop. I know many of us here would probably agree on that point. And thank you again so much!
Congratz on 2000!!
Congratulations on the 2000 milestone. I am so very glad you have kept this comic going. You have helped me in ways i just don't have words for. I get it that you have had some big ups and downs. So if it helps, i must tell you that you have helped me very much to keep my brain from going to that dark, dark place where one contemplates that going is not so bad compared to what one faces in their needed path. You have helped me to realize that I could face my transition and come out me on the other side. So from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!
panel 3 "I don't want..."
@GreenKrog: :-) Still here, and just starting my transition. Thanks so much for bringing this comic to life. You are very much appreciated!
Every Time
I've read through the archives 7 or 8 times now.
And every time i get to here, its like wham to my head and I cry a bit... Sigh

edit... typo...
Annie with her tongue sticking out trying to concentrate is adorable!
Oh, that made me laugh out loud!
OMG! Relief!!
Todd may get whats due him!