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Hello, I'm an artist who draws for enjoyment, and occasionally on a more professional degree, selling commissions. :)

Currently, all comics but "The Pure and The Forsaken" are out of order, and in desperate need of overhauling, should they return at all.

To say that updates are sporadic, is putting it very nicely. XD I sometimes go literally years between updates, and the chances I will finish any of my comics is pretty much none. Still, I hope you'll enjoy them for as long as they last! ^^
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@Koal: Both, to be honest, but especially the first. A lot of chronic health issues, financial issues, etc etc. And now on a gaming project as a lead artist for my brother. XD

So much stuff! 0_o
@Koal: So sorry for the VERY late reply. 0_0

This is not dead, per say, though I update maybe once a year, sad as that is... XD; I guess it's kind of like a nearly-abandoned pet project? Why I keep it going when I update so little is beyond me, except the fact I enjoy it too much to quit, but am unable to dedicate hardly any time to it, either. It's confusing XD;;;

I have tried to revive and dedicate to it, but those fell through. Maybe one day I actually will have the ability ^^ *Sigh* I can dream... >>
Old Art Is OLD
The art for the first few pages is particularly aged; it quickly gets better. :)
It only took me, what? Two years to finish this page? That ain't nothing, I had one piece of art that took five to complete once! I am a procrastinating CHAMPION!

But look, it's in color, so that makes it all better, right? :D
This necromancer is my most favored character! He is awesome! :D
And this is what happens when a Dragon-Touched gets POed.

Whole villages drown. Think of the children, Kyurin! D:

This page is a bit less... impressive, than I was hoping for, but it's better than the first time I drew it(First attempt went "poof", so I had to re-do it). I realized only after I had about 20 layers, that the bottom panel should have been much taller, to give the right kind of impact.

Ah well, we learn from our errors. :)

On another note; The new shading I tried, the texture, and the shiny highlights make me very happy!
Duuude, first comment for once! *Epic pose*

Was afraid for a moment there she'd been smothered to death by the affections of overly enthusiastic, happy dragons... XD

Without fail, I am loving this comic with each page and panel, excellent art and storytelling! :D
Bah humbug!
Late, I know, I'm sorry... I'm saying to heck with a posting schedule, I can never follow it, so updates whenever I dang well feel like it! :D

I particularly love the layout of this page as apposed to the last few.

And seriously, wtfish Kyurin? why didn't you just break your chains and mutter chants earlier!? I'll never understand him... *Shakes head*
Mighty Tomatoe
Yes, I forgot the speech bubbles, and will add them later.
And no, your eyes do not deceive you, that man does plan to kill them with a tomato... It could happen! Or just be a prelude to fetching an axe, you never know...

I am aware the page is late, apologies... My procrastination is great.

But hey! I at least updated again within the same month, so that's something, right? right??? Maybe not...
ROFL! That last panel is... Made of so much win... I love her analogies... XD
... Yes, I updated... Slap yourself, it's probably a hallucination.
But if anything, I can assuredly state my art has significantly improved.

However, on topic of this page, I must say that reprimanding an angry mob generally doesn't go over well. >_>;
@Inxerene Likewise, it was fun while it lasted. ^^

@FireGlaceon I hope you'll be able to bring it back, as well. And I'me glad you liked Vince so well, more the reason he will slaughter me for departing... ^^;
Indeed! I will miss you as well, but we'll see each other on da. :D

@WickedKisameru Aye *nod*

@RikakoChan It's alright, Rikako, I understand the feeling completely. Not only do I find it impossible to draw without a script, but with all of life's wonderful complications... Well, it's just not happening, and I'm not surprised comic-block is happening to other people as well. D: I wish you luck and success with reviving the comic!

Just a side note: Vince will be missing all of you! D:
Vince: Darn Straight. >(
So, to the great dismay of Vince here, I'll be leaving officially. I've been so inactive and uninspired for so long, I more or less am not really involved anymore. It took me over a month to draw that chibi... 0_0

I apologize to anyone involved with Vince in any way, most notably artists of Fuka and Kain, and wish I could stick around. But I haven't finished a page for this comic in roughly about a year. 0_o

Again, I'm sorry, and I hope the comic continues on valiantly! Now enjoy this old page I never finished while Vince guts me for neglect... XD;
Well then!
Aren't they an irrationally blood thristy mob! That's society for you, where one person is smart, you gather many together, and they drop to the intellect and reasoning capability of an ant.

I really wonder who that voice belongs to... *waits*

Fantastic anatomy on the orc, by the way. I'm rather envious of how massive you were able to make him look. :)
That is some SERIOUS nerd rage, right there.

I like him... XD
Vince will stay the same, too. I liked Fuka and Kain's designs, personally .:)

Hurray life!
Awesome. XD Vince is really moody here, wonder if that guy was giving him evil looks off-screen more than usual. 0_0 lol

*Puts ancient page WIP for this section into dead folder now* I'll have to start on a new one. :P
He asked for it, but that was a bit overboard... He's not exactly a conventional villain, so I'm wondering if he'll have her put through a shredder, or is going to take the long, sneaky route to his revenge...

Or do nothing of the sort. You can never tell with evil geniuses.
Finally a page, here you all go! This is likely how I'll continue doing my pages from now on. The important things (like characters and what they are interacting with) colored, and simple scenery gray-scale. Feel free to give opinion.

Took me so long to update due to RL nonsense, yay chronic illnesses. We'll see if I can offer more updates than I have, now that everything has evened some.

But look! A new character introduced, just for you!