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Hiyo hiyo! ^u^/

Airyo's my name, drawing is my game. ^-~

I have a website on deviantArt for those who are on there as well. My username there is PockyPanda, so if you're on there, drop me off a msg! :D Or you can IM me too, whichever you prefer~ x3;

Comics without banners are under construction & need further planning. Those WITH banners are ones I'm actually going to work on at one point or another. :3
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When I look at Poseida, she has like the exact same hair as me without my straight perm. XD
October 17th, 2009
:O It's over now!? No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. It was too good.. ;__;
Hehe his grin is soooo cute~ >w<

Awww I think your perspective shots are waay better than what I can do. xD

Oh, and happy new year to you too! :D

....I agree with Sapphire.. hopefully he wont forget. xD;
He looks soo awesome in that last panel~~ <333
December 20th, 2008
LOL she reminds me of me a bit. XD
She's so cute, but he looks scary XD

Nice job Mayu-chamo~ :D
LOL I agree with Hiro-chamo! XD Perverted but that's CLEVER. XDD

Happy B-day K.E.Y! :D
I love violence XD;;;;

But not to Citrus!!! >O That was a clone RIGHT!? ; ^ ;

Brutal but WOW. I love the chibi-ness of it all~

October 4th, 2008
Oooo how do those taste?? :9 *curious*


LOL I still remember the old version of this too x33

Oooo and I found My Little Lover's Afureru single if you still wants! o3o/
LOL those are fun to make!

...she has no eyebrows! :O
LOL!!! "An' whatchoo want?" XDDDD

ROFL she cracks me up everytime~~<3
Awww she looks so happy~

Aw Natsuki I think this came out absolutely great~ ^^v
@Citrus: Ah, okay, haha. xD Wasn't sure, but yeah.. I think I'll wait for Hiro-chamo and I'll pop in just so this all doesn't go crazy. XD
Yayyy Yuki! ^o^/

Haha I like Kurokaze's look in the 1st panel~~~ I wonder when I should put up my stuff :3;

I think I'll wait for Hiro-chamo :3
poor Yuki...

wow 10 pages?? :O

;w;/ Ganbatte neeee! *gives you lifetime's supply of cookie-flavored energy bars*
Oooo wouldnt it be interesting if she ate it anyway because she wanted to stay with Hades? *3*

..But then that'd create some major conflict 'cuz then everybody up in the higher plane would accuse Hades of making her eat it when she did it herself... @3@;

LOL "looking for the toilet"!! XDDDD

Good one! XD I never woulda thought of that one! XD
Aww don't feel bad about it. :x

You're not a loser~ The collab was getting slightly out of hand anyway, but that's what restrictions are for anyway, ya know? :3 *pat-pat*

lol cute Yuki chibi btw~ XD