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You can call me Rei!~ I'm a 19 year old girl who loves anime, cartoons, animations, video games and drawing.

I'm planning to post my first comic here called Pokemon Phantom which is a Pokemon Soul Silver nuzlocke with a bit of my own twist added to it. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it and I would love to hear your opinions!~ :3
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Oh Uh...

Now that I think about it Gold has 1 Pokemon who could Mega evolve, while Crys has 3 potential mega evolutions.
I love Quilava so freaking much!
I think Prof.Elm might be having a breakdown already. I wonder how long its been since he called Rei.
Thank you so much!~~♡
This drawing was done when I still had my Wacom tablet! I also had the next characters bio done a long time ago.
Have a Spoopy Halloween!
The last page out of 3
Oooh Jay's adorabness evolved!
The second page out of 3
Seriously stop trying to attack my baby Jay he can KO you and apparently glow.
The first page out of 3
Silver won't take no for answer.
Woohooo! page 10~
I finally posted page 10! I really wanted to introduce Silver.

I have something important to tell you guys. so first I got a job meaning my schedule is going to be really messed up for bit, but Im planning to make 3 pages(2.5 pages line art done) AND a Halloween special and post them at the end of this month as an October Special. Hope you guys like this little idea!~
Need for speed!
I really hate soul silver's walking, in crystal it was pretty funny with the old man running so fast but in soul silver its plain torture!

Sorry for not updating on the 15th I had unexpected plans and internet problems.
Awww this is so adorable and I love the RubyFanclub! Where can I sign up? lol
Also forgot to mention some pokemon will "appear" from both Soulsilver and crystal and heartgold but in reality I never battled against those pokemon in soulsilver. For example Hoppip. Those appear if Im not mistakem only in crystal. Gold will have pokrmon from heart gold and even Kris will have other pokemon too from the other versions.
First Cameo Appearance
Hi guys!~ Hope you like this page!~

Cameo appearance from ElinorCross's Rise Above nuzlocke comic! I suggest checking her comics out!~

Next page will be out on the 15th
@DiamondWolf_YT: I try to stick with 10 cause catching pokemon gets difficult the moment you become over-leveled, well that's how it usually works for me.

But Ik the feeling lmao

(Thank you so much!~)
Whats thiz!?
3 updates and more coming this month!? So while I have the chance I'm going to TRY to finish chapter one in the span of 2 months. Wish me luck :'D
Another page so soon!?
I finished this in a span of 3 days completely on my phone. Hope you guys enjoy!~ For those who are wondering why I wrote Rei thinking about training is because whenever I play the game I have a tendency t level up my starters to at least lvl 10 before continuing the game, except for cyndaquil. I usually lvl up them to lvl 12. What about you guys?
Hello! Rei here. Sorry for making you guys wait for the next page and that it's so short. But as I was doing the line art for this page my Wacom cable died. I got a new one but it doesn't connect to my laptop so I will be trying to get an official wacom cable for my intious.

You all probably can notice the differents between the 1st/4rt panel and the 2nd/3rd panel. the 2nd and 3rd were colored when my wacom tablet worked, but the 1st and 4rt were colored with my phone, so, for now, I will be using my phone to draw this comic till I get my tablet fixed.

Thank you for understanding. One more page before we got to Route 29. :3
Lmao this page is great. XD
No worries
@redztheultrakard: I'm glad you still enjoy reading my comic and Yeah real life makes everybody really busy.

I would love to add you as a cameo, but I would need a reference of your trainer so I would know how to draw him. If you can, can you please put the reference in the cameo comment I put, so I could keep track of it.~☆
New page
Hi! Sorry for being gone for so long, I just finished High school so I had a lot of stuff to do. Exams, Graduation, University entrance exams and so on. I try to update this comic as much as I can right now. :3

Rei got wasted lol