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Mostly Mad Hatter
Here's some stuff you dun care about.

Reading -mostly fantasy and horror-
Singing/music -for funzies-
Creepypasta -creepy stories in general are awesome-
FNaF -the story is finished and it's amazing-

Favorite things:
Color: All
Animal: ???
Bird: Raven -Corvus Corax-
Creepypasta: Idk, I like most of the ones I read/listen to.
FNaF character: Bonnie, he's supposed to be the scariest, and for some reason I love and hate the color purple. Funtime Freddy is pretty cool as well, te voice is epic.
Card: Ace of Spades
Food: Candy. Always, candy.
Fruit: APplES
Words: Orenda and Quixotic

Nicknames: Scribble, V, Screech, Apple, Cat, Apple cat, Karma, Frisk(for a while), Kay, Snow White, Gay (don't ask), Potassium

Bands: Three Days Grace, Green Day, Black Veil Brides, Skillet, Starset, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Breaking Benjamin, Imagine Dragons, Lincoln Park, and Set it Off. I also like several country songs, a few pop songs, and assorted others.

Song(s) of the week/day/idk: Electro swing remixes of Undertale songs
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    Butterbun Cucumber
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O.o iss adorable
O.o -comic updates the day after I favorite it- yoy
@Mushroom Flabs: I think the reason it looks weird is because the two red ones are on the same side and the two black ones are on the same side. If one of the black card things swapped places with one of the red ones, it would look better. Can't really change it now though 😁
Look at dat lil cartoon me.
@DaddyMars;): 😮 thank actually pretty true.
That was an unusual sort of update....
I kinda gave up on keeping up with this comic cuz the random bulk updates make it difficult to figure out where I was....
Yay me with drawing cool designs with lines without using a ruler. (It takes a while.....)

Might I also mention that my tablet tried to auto correct yay to gay. he weirdly tall or is everyone else short?
@Mushroom Flabs: o.o dats a new picture. I have a new picture too o.o
I actually know a few of those symbols, but I'm not sure if they stand for the same letters as I've learned them.
@Huntered45: The bunny guy that sells ice cream was one of the ones that attacked Sans and Papyrus. Seeing as how they are in those woods often, he might be scared of seeing them.

Also, everyone is overestimating humans. So if he actually noticed that, then he could be hiding for that reason.
For a second I thought Flowey said "Frick!"
I knew he would say something like that.

You can't not in that situation.
Those patterns are things I draw a lot. The one here has two layers. The first one being the swirls and curly things. The second is like connect the dots 😂
I try to make them look symmetrical.

That dress is a super light shade of blue. I guess the camera can't show it.
Smells like success.
Just a thing.

When I take pictures on my tablet I can tap the picture I took, click on this little pencil thing and edit it. If your phone has that you should be able to crop the picture so it just shows the drawing.

-taking the picture in natural light can also make it look nice-
I remembered a cool blending thing where you use the white colored pencil on top of what you colored in. It also makes it less likely to smudge, and can make the colors/shading actually look darker. Just a fun little thing.

-It looks nice on top of plain pencil as well, which is the outside of all of those eyes-
This drawing was an awesome accident.

I just started drawing a weird plant. Then while doing the roots I thought it would be cool if a little flower had a big root system. Then I thought it would be cool if a kid was looking at it. I was gonna make the background a volcano but instead made it underground. Then the kid became Frisk and the place became waterfall.