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Mostly Mad Hatter
Here's some stuff you dun care about.

Reading -mostly fantasy and horror-
Singing/music -for funzies-
Creepypasta -creepy stories in general are awesome-
FNaF -the story is finished and it's amazing-
Anime -once again, fantasy and horror-

Favorite things:
Color: All
Animal: Cat
Bird: Raven -Corvus Corax-
Creepypasta: Idk, I like most of the ones I read/listen to.
FNaF character: Bonnie, he's supposed to be the scariest, and for some reason I love and hate the color purple. Funtime Freddy is pretty cool as well, te voice is epic.
Card: King of spades, or Ace of Spades
Food: Candy. Always, candy.
Fruit: APplES
Words: Orenda and Karma

Nicknames: Scribble, V, Screech, Apple, Cat, Apple cat, Karma, Frisk(for a while), Kay, Snow White, Gay (don't ask), Potassium

Bands: Three Days Grace, Green Day, Black Veil Brides, Skillet, Starset, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Breaking Benjamin, Imagine Dragons, Lincoln Park, and Set it Off. I also like some country songs, a few pop songs, and assorted others.

Ourworld Account: Karma Law V

Song of the week/dayidk: The Devil's Swing - Fandroid
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I know I haven't been updating much. I actually started this drawing a month ago, and only finished it today. The colored version will be up soon.

Her expression is supposed to look a little crazy/goofy.
No matter how many times I look at it, Jingle's foot size compared to his hands still makes me laugh. It's weirdly adorable.
@DaddyMars;): Thank you :D

It's difficult to get a good picture with a tablet...
This is half of a fantasy/nightmare thing I tried to make. I gave up on the fantasy side >.<
The style I'm drawing in was made by me to be as simple as I could make it without making it look super weird. It's simple so I can draw the characters again when I start making little comics.

One more main friend after this, then I'll start making comics.
The wings are not something that she has in real life, the Minis are just randomness. However, the people which they are based off of are real, and the personalities are reasonably accurate.

-you can't see them but Kenzie has freckles, a lot of freckles.-

-also, my tablet tried to auto-correct Minis to kinks...-
Hoppy birdy to you.
I....what kind of mind thought this up? This is amazing.
More stuff about what she looks like.- for helpfullness-

Colors used:light blue, light green, shades of grey, some black, white.

Vest: Light green with fluffy light green buttons.

Shirt: Light blue with black buttons.

Pants/leggings: Grey

Body: Light gray

Eyes: Light green that's slightly darker than the vest. With three black dots and no visible pupils.

Boots: same light green as the vest with white fluff at the top.

Wings: the top part of her wings are light blue and the bottom parts are light green. The patterns are dark grey and black.-her wings are fuzzy-

Hair: Light blue, the two longer parts are meant to look like antenna and have two black dots at the ends.

The glitches are white.
@DaddyMars;): Thank you :D

It took me a while to decide what her species would be o.o
Okay, so this is Illisha. -nicknamed and known as Illy- (her name means one who creates illusions)

She is a butterfly + moth monster

Her mother is a butterfly type monster with the wings of a Glaucopsyche Lygdamus butterfly and her father is a moth type monster with the wings of a bad wing moth, or Dyspteris Abortivaria.

Her parents live in the capital -New Home- and work at a flower shop -which they own-.
-they used to both work at the Core-

Abilities: Semi-illusions, Glitch-teleportation.

Weaknesses: Her "illusions" will only be real if you think they are, going at them head on will cause them to not harm you. Will die in exactly 7 hits no matter how weak or strong her opponent. Glitch-teleporting will bring down the number of hits she can take by 1 and can be unpredictable. -she will sometimes not end up where she wants to go or will go somewhere without meaning to-. She cannot increase the maximum number of hits she can take through any means.
-this doesn't prevent her from bringing the hits back up to the maximum of 7 through sleeping and eating-

Lives in: Snowdin

Most often found in: The Librarby

Occupation: Odd jobs. Assists with shelving books in the Librarby. Will spend hours playing the snowball game to win money.

Reason for her Glitch-teleportation, the glitches on her body, and her weird health: While her parents worked at the Core there was a bring your kid(s) to work day. She found a glitch and decided it would be a good idea to touch it because she was a five year old kid -_-

Likes/interests: Books, reading, word search, puzzles -both making and solving -, building snow forts, watermelon

Dislikes: Fighting, glitches

She has two cousins -which are twins- (they have the wings of a purple hairstreak butterfly and a green hairstreak butterfly).
They live in Waterfall and grow plants in their garden -from seeds that fall into Waterfall-. Which is where Illy gets watermelons.

...I spent 2-3 days creating her. The drawing took a few hours.
The laptop I've been using is a school laptop, and today is the day I need to return it. This shouldn't result in a lack of updates, however, they might be slower. I wont be able to do any digital art until I can get my dad to set my computer back up.
@DaddyMars;): o.o I'm sorry! dun make frown face pls :(
@DaddyMars;): That would mean that I'm about 79 days older than you :D how interesting o.o
o.o I kinda wanna know what your birthday is now >.<
I can't tell if your older or younger than me and now I'm curious.
@DaddyMars;): Huh, sounds interesting. Would be fun to stay home.

School is out on the first of next month for me >.> one more week to go. Most of it is promotion practice -from middle school to high school-
She looks really cool o.o
@DaddyMars;): Holy cheetos that was fast o.o

Also, thank you O_O

I've been practicing with proper shading that shows where the light is coming from >.>
I changed the way she was shaded so that it looks like the light is coming from somewhere.