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I'm just your everyday normal girl who doodles in class <3
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You’re not crazy =w=
A Million Dreams Parody?
I’m sorry I love that song so much =w=;
You know what else I love? Pinkeevee222’s comics and art style. :3
I don’t think it’s her.. Her eyes are purple, last time I checked.
Nu! Lem don't cri :<
Hooray! Axel has joined the Eeveelution Squad! Now Sunshine will have someone to play with :3
So Sorry!
@SkunkWitch: Trying my best to fix it!
Sorry if the image doesn’t show up. I’m trying to fix it right now! Here’s the second page :D
First Page!
Whoo! First page hooray! Hope that you all enjoy! Next page should be sometime this week. Sorry if you can't see it. I'll post every page on my Deviantart!
I feel bad for Blacky again.
He only has himself. Since Speedy apparently 'lied' to him, he has literally no one to talk to. Awwwww.
I feel so bad for Blacky though.
Even though he made Eevee cry, but still.
@Sylveon: Heheh. Yeah! ^-^
This is so adorable.
'Why don't you go wake him up?' I love Sylveon. She knows. SHE KNOWS. XD