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@inejwstine: Riiight I remember that now. Back to my original comment then.
That's okay! That's what soy or almond milk is for, right? For the people who can't enjoy true creamy goodness?
That's okay! That's what soy or almond mil-



.......where does...milk...

I's only awkward if you make it awkward?
@Kiba122: pft I deal with heat fine. Though honestly, I spend all year wishing it was fall. When it IS fall, I'm happy, but fall is only like, maaaybe two months long if I'm lucky.
S'okay, Lia, I had a group of friends who were friends with me for over two years before they simultaneously found out I was a member of the church and then immediately made wild assumptions about how I'd suddenly whip out a Book of Mormon and screech the Gospel at them while beating them with it in that same second they learned the fact despite the fact that you'd think, after two years, I would have mentioned it earlier if that was my intention. So hey, any other assumptions you might be making aren't half as bad as that!
Woo, here I was going =_= I don't thiiink Shelly is part of the Latter-Day Saint crowd but I can't tell =_=
Nice to have that cleared up.

The thing that's hard for me is how hard I already worked to stop saying "Mormon" and start saying "LDS" and now I have to swap again to "Latter-Day Saint". Sigh. Ah, well.
Always been one of mine, too. I have, shall we say, eclectic taste in music - I don't tend to listen to popular music, or like songs that have lyrics for the most part, which has turned me on to soundtracks, and I adore chip-tune. A lot of people want to call my taste "weird" and "not real music" even though it is, in fact, music, and it exists, and therefore must be real music. Sigh.

Look, you don't see me judging you for listening to music I hate. (Unless it's really dirty rap, in which case I'll just judge you silently.)
Hah, kind of dates the comic here, doesn't it? ;)
@inejwstine: If it's anything like having a roommate who has mistaken herself for your mom, I can imagine it ;)
Hah, I love the baggy morning face and all the expressions that go with it. (This is why I would never hire a personal trainer. I love eating a bunch of crap and playing video games way more than I care about how incredibly poor my endurance and strength is.)