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Mystic Hunter
I am a sophomore that likes to do many things such as DnD, Parkour, and reading. I normally play Bards/Sorcerors in DnD and am becoming a Dungeon Master. I normally read books like the inheritance cycle and Warriors.
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Is it just me or are the crystal's in Jake's shoulder getting smaller?
@Goku521: maybe he'll use bomb sliding. To get extra speed.
Linkvee is a speedrunner doing a any% no insta-skip.
I am very confused as to what Leo actually is. What Pokemon is he supposed to be? He just looks like a regular panther with a gemstone in his head.
This is what the sign says. "Lakeshore Village
A Little Haven In The Mountain"
Mystic Hunter
September 22nd, 2018
Edit: This character is a Dragonborn Fighter
Mystic Hunter
September 22nd, 2018
Drawing of my Tomb of Annihilation DnD character fishing
On Toby's badge, It says Dereck. HMMMMMMMM
Already looks promising. I will keep an eye out for this
I'll be sad to see this end but I believe you made the right decision I believe in the same thing I was planning on writing my own art and you let me know that your art shouldn't control you.
I can see why you are doing a double upload because this and I can imagine the next few pages next week are easier to draw with the background being so simple.
I will say I have never seen any character other than in movies/games that is that dedicated. *claps*
Toby is looking totally like a detective in the final panal
I am actually getting attached to these characters and I can tell that this adventure might end soon and I am actually getting a little sad. Good job MissKate you have made me sad reading a comic.
@Claddor: ah the good old bait and switch
@NorppaComic: Pitchforks are on the right and torches are on the left. LETS GO GET HIM
@Rgbugdtb: My Mistake
You can see the improvement from chapter 1 to 8 good job dude

Also got caught up from reading so :(
I just thought of this so when Leon is wandering he will be attacked by Darkrai (can't remember his name) and this is how he is captured and tortured probably for the location of Elysium if they did not know it already.
Mist has a new look now. I honestly like it.