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December 21st, 2010
Archive Changes
Changed Dialog and cleaned pages a bit in the archives. The story should flow a bit better.

Also I hope to have another comic out late January of 2011, maybe February-ish. \^_^/
December 14th, 2010

You will definitely be seeing more comics from me in the future. I've been writing like crazy since my laptop pooped on me and will probably have several lined up for next year. They're short comics too but should have more filling endings.

To everyone else; thanks for the comments. I'm sorry some of you were disappointed but i wanted to finish what i started.^^ I didn't want to get into a habit of starting comics and never finishing them. (which i used to do)
December 13th, 2010

Welp since my laptop issues haven't resolved I decided a quick end was better than no end. ;^^
So with the help of paint tool sai and mspaint here is the final page~

Thanks for reading!
August 3rd, 2010
My laptop died last weekened and i was hoping to have a new one and upload the old harddrive with the pages by now =.=

No such luck. So I'll be re-drawing them on my crummy old desktop, but rest assured i'll get them out :3 (i'm also working on another short comic that should be out this year)

Thank you for so many commments on this page btw, i always enjoy reading them! ^.^
Thanks for 100 fans :) And lol yes, shooooes
That's actually supposed to be a tiger cub up there but it totally looks like a house cat. Fits the character i guess lol.

This page was really embarrassing to draw, i still avert my eyes >_>
Mon & wed
Forgot to mention it last update, but this'll be updating on monday and wednesday now! Well if i put it into the auto-update correctly...ummm...>.>

Thanks again for the comments, it's nice to know smackjeeves has a good community since i haven't been on druckduck ;-;
That's weird :(
The little SJ bar didn't count this update? Crud. 2 pages next time though~

And thank you for your comments everyone! :D
LOL lilies
Love the art! Fav'd ;D
Next update will be 3 full pages!

This is the very first comic i've ever completed, i'll warn it's got some shortcomings but i hope you'll enjoy it anyways xP Thanks for reading!
saw this completely by chance on the front sj page, it looks like an epic movie teaser! lol. Great to know you're still alive, looking forward to more teasers x]
Cool! Zangoose is one of my favs, mainly shiny zangoose
March 29th, 2009
Hey i made you a link banner and put it on my links page :D
March 23rd, 2009
You and jux updating??? *dies of happy* I really like this pages shading, simple yet cute! :3
Great to see your updates! Please keep them coming :D
An update!! :D
I get all A's myself except for math ahah.

...urgh math -_-

Good page! x3
This is my favorite page yet! Izumi saying 'numbers ewww' and her dad sipping away intensely made me chuckle x)

I'm guessing she gets 100 in art, or maybe p.e. since everybody gets 100 for effort~

*looks at original first page*
Kicks the shit outa mine :P you even used foreshortening- i didn't even know what the word meant back then!
I think the washed out look really gave it some pizazz kota, and her boobs are good in placement but the lines in the middle are what's bugging you i bet.

Saiko you're lucky tho, people on DD would never give me critique even if i begged for it xP
Sexy! I think Aisha's on to something mwahah >) i like the new banner! are you gonna make the background for the layout orange?

...i dunno why i think that, lol.

I tried SAI, it's interesting, the inking is a lot more refined than cs2's system. But i'm an adobe girl so cs2 is mai waifu
August 27th, 2008
H-haitus??? D: nooo i was just getting into this! and i think that hot chick will show up soon!and even the rushed pages are really good!

..come back soon ;--;