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I'm just a average self taught cartoonist who occasionally does freelance work between comic art and a full time job.
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    Evan Moe
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Let the menacing Wub Wub music begin
Would now be the right time to mention I'm thinking about redrawing the comic sometime down the road (adding double spread pages, fine tuning the story so it doesn't feel rushed, fix my grammar, etc), post them in chapters on either patreon or maybe gumroad, and then use that for making a printable, manga style trade?

Or is that too soon and might cause a panic?
Mutter a prayer under your breath, so Death can bring his wary travelers home...
And with just a simple pledge, you can get all the Reload Lewd you want... I swear that sounded better in my head guys...
I think it's safe to say they're not messing around
Well that escalated pretty quick.

So the rifles the heavy hitters are using as kinda based on the Silencerco Maxim 9, essentially a suppressor that fires bullets. It's an awesome looking gun too, and one I would love to own.
Oh crap we got combat boots. Quick, someone start playing Rammstein!
You've gain Good Karma.

You're now a Villain to the Legion. You now must wear a Legion disguise when traveling through their territory.
Geez guys, that's a bit overkill. I mean, he's just an Ork.
I have some explaining to do. My apologies for the week long silence, that was entirely my fault. I wanted to finish up the Rewards I created for my Patreon and wanted to offer something more for those who're pledging. They now available publicly if you folks are interested:

I also have June's Polls up as well:

As a head's up, I might disappear again on the last week of June to work on the winners^^
@glen: Not to worry, everything is fine^^. I decided to try and finish up a few commissions and rewards for my patreon. The comic will resume shortly next week.
He got hit with a Tesla Bomb... that's rather shocki - - I'll see myself out.
Better take him down quick, Kit.
Luks like da Ork is gunna giv sumone a gud thumpin.
I guess today's not your day, dude.
Geez lady. You sure don't take prisoners, do you?
Dang, our buff elf is stone cold...
Stand by for Henchmen fodder in the next few pages... And a very late happy Mother's day to you all^^
Well... that's different.