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I'm just a average self taught cartoonist who occasionally does freelance work between comic art and a full time job.
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    Evan Moe
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Reloading and acting cool as a cucumber... dem baddies are boned.
all together now: BEGONE THOT!

Just a heads up, CA is going to, once again, shut off power in 22 counties on Tuesday evening due to possible 30 mph winds (essentially normal winds). The county I live in is one of them so there might be a chance that there won't be a update for the rest of the week. If this happen, the comic will return on Sunday, December 1st, as I'll be taking the last week of the month off in order to work on Patreon stuff and enjoy turkey day.

Just in case.
So on a scale of 1 to 10, where on the Thot scale is our crazy elf?
Me as I'm making a list stuff for Patreon: Don't lewd the crazy elf. Don't lewd the crazy elf. Don't lewd the crazy elf. Don't lewd the crazy elf.
Well someone is observant.
So is this one of those "hoes mad" moment I keep hearing about?
I think someone's overreacting to getting pummeled by a beanbag.
I have no voice... and I must scream...
Colorful insults for the win!
Well I'm going to lose some subs over this.

So a little life hack for you fine folks. You can use tampons for bullet wounds. Really. I have relative who was a corpsman and mention that little hack one time. The more you know^^
Another way to know Caden is the villain of the story.

He knows how to dodge.
Motorhead's cover of Whiplash plays starts to play in the background (and the cover is better than the original. Let the hate commence).
Annnnnnd I'm Back.

Well I hope you folks had a good Halloween last week. I unfortunately spent mine in the dark thanks to PG&E's brilliant plan of preventing fires during high winds by cutting off our power for 4 days. Which is ironic because doing so caused the latest patch of fires we're dealing with now... irony.

So for those who are following me on Patreon, I'm behind on a lot of things I wanted to do last week. So I'm just going to say screw it, hold off on November and December's reward posts and play catch up. I know I'm lacking over there, so I'm going to make the time to get that sorted out... even if it kills me.
And with that cliffhanger, I'd say it's time for another end of the month week hiatus to work on Patreon stuff.... fun...

With that KKBB will return on Sunday, November 3rd. If you like the comic, I just ask that you would share it. Let's see if our neko brat can ruffle some feathers on Tapas and Webtoons^^
Well... this is unfortunate.
Why... Didn't... You... DODGE?!
Strap in folks, we're about to go into some heavy stuff.

Also, there may or may not be a update on Wednesday due to (you guess it) another power outage for safety reasons. They're saying that it's not as bad as the last one and it may not effect the town I live in... but I'm not holding my breath.
As a little thank you to guys, I'll be doing a week long Q and A comic thing once the story arc is finished.
Think of it like a little cool down before we go right back into the shenanigans^^
So is this Pose Cinnamon Roll sporting one of those "JoJo Poses" the internet keeps getting excited about... or does she need to be male and flamboyantly Handsome to qualify for that?

*readies "EXTRA THICC" Joke as plan B just in case.*