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I'm just a average self taught cartoonist who occasionally does freelance work between comic art and a full time job.
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    Evan Moe
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You can take the girl out of North Dakota, but you can't take the North Dakota out of the girl.

And with that, KKBB will be on hiatus until September 29th so I can work on Patreon stuff and NOT because Borderlands 3 is out... Scout's Honor...
I'm sure that'll buff out
I'm beginning to see why Michael Bay constantly has things explode or destroyed in his movies. It's freaking awesome.
Oh I'm sure our Bounty Killer Waifus are fine
Deploying Gun porn...
You got a 50 Cal Machine Gun and not a Ork in sight.... Shame.
Shot up, bruised and lost quite a bit of blood... and she's still able to give that evil smirk. God help the guilty.
Wait, is Pinky suggesting something... smart?
*plays Pinky and the Brain Theme in the background and show his age.*
Meanwhile, back to the Bounty Killer Waifus...
Want to know the best way to know he's the bad guy of the story? He has his arms cross and he's not wearing a seat belt.
Uh oh... here they come.

also, September's reward poll is up:

cast your vote today^^
Don't mind me, I'm just laying down those little hints and breadcrumbs.
Someone take that girl to the bank... to the blood bank.
I honestly don't know why everyone is telling me I'm drawing Lolicon. I mean where are they getting th- - Oh wait...

Alright folks, with that, KKBB will return on Sunday September 1st. I'm going to finish off some commissions and patreon stuff.^^ If you like the comic, all I ask is that you share it among your friends^^.
Foreshadowing for the win.
You really want to test the Cinnamon Roll to see if she will, Sarah?
Trust me Sarah, The Neko is doing you a favor.
will she shoot in her anxiety state?

Sorry for no update yesterday, I was house sitting last week and just got back. I felt tired and wanted to relax a bit with a little Division 2 playing.

Also don't be surprise when Remnant from the Ash comes out and I'm no where to be seen... yeah...
Warning: The Neko Brat has entered the fight