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June 27th, 2018
"So if I keep my stomach... My brother won't know my next move."

Never would I have thought, that I would read this kind of line in a webcomic. Never.
June 27th, 2018
*whistles* That last line... Man, the feels. They're coming in force.
What a plot twis-- I mean, what a change in colouring! I am officially really amazed. This manga started just a little bit cliche, but I had a feeling it had much untapped potential. Now, I'm here, and boy oh boy am I glad to be reading this!
June 27th, 2018
And this is where having some knowledge of the Japanese language comes in handy. Ha.
June 27th, 2018
Wow, I have always loved stories that split the real earth into factions. Add some anthros, and you have the recipe for chaos in your hands.
Oh wow. I'll totally be reading your next comic on Tapas! For now, favourited and subbed.
I love how the girl/woman's clothing reacts to her movements, you got that down really well!
Once I started reading the comic, I tore through the entire archive in one go - I just couldn't stop reading. The pacing was excellent, the art was of professional quality and the characters - and their subplots - were superbly executed. This has been such a ride, and I really want to see how this all ends.

On this journey, I grew to love Pokemons that I originally thought were kind of "meh"(Mewtwo and Gengar, for example), and the addition of N and Wez(or was it Was? Wes?) provided yet another narrative hook that really invested me into this story. Mewtwo become my absolute favourite character, and this story feels as much his as it is Jen's. What a journey, and there's still some more pages to go.

Good writing, excellent panel layouts and perfect art. Comics like this are the reason I like webcomics, and this one has landed a spot on my top 3 webcomics list. Cheers to the creator, this is a respectable work you've done, and I salute you for it.
Once upon a time, I had a heart. Now I have just two pieces.
I love the interactions between the sorcerer and the older woman.
@BananaUhi Makes you wonder if his worry is fatherly, or of the other kind.
I love the cultural differences between the elves and Earth's culture.
Indri really has a big mouth. Xd
This has been one of the most interesting webcomics I've read this far. It has its share of cliche, but your execution is top-notch, refuting the usual "it's cliche!"-argument.
A warrior side character who can actually fight? Kudos to you, writer!
Well this is gonna turn meta really fast.
Hahahahaha. She lied.
You have an amazing knack for covering long periods of time in two pages.
That feeling of her hand moving must've felt like a gift from on high.
Rarely have I felt such emotion for a creature. Poor crow, indeed.