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I currently live in Perth, Western Australia with my partner and our feline furbabies. I have the enviable status of failed art student... 20% cooler than those who actually achieved their qualification. It makes for many jokes when all your friends are university graduates. Contemporary art and the people that make it make me all kinds of irrate.

My current comic project is Cyril's Pet, which is a collab with a dear friend.
Cyril's Pet is currently on hiatus because I'm an idiot. :\ Excused excuses excuses...

For now read my favorites instead --------->

Oh. I have a deviantart account :). drop by. say hi :)
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September 11th, 2017
Relevant comic panel is relevant.

I love the father's face, if that's not a weird thing to say. I imagine him being kindly with a gentle unhurried voice. :)
February 4th, 2017
Put your foot in it there, Mummy.
Loving the comic, its got a great pace and tone. Looking forward to seeing where it goes :)
January 30th, 2017
Oh wow. Each update got me like daaaaaanm.

This woman and her clicky shoes are terrifying.

I love the choppiness of the timeline right now. It works really well. Definitely looking forward to seeing this whole scene together.
January 9th, 2017
oh boy!
I'm glad you got excited! That chunk sure was a ride :D
So keen to see where this is going!
December 21st, 2016
aww :')
She's adorable.
The look on Huvrye's face though. Them feels. You hit me right in them.
November 29th, 2016
This is a lovely panel. Poor Huvrye, Effiom certainly got to him :(
November 24th, 2016
Loving the story! I'm always hungry for more, you've really got me hooked.
And you art is delightful *swoon*

In terms of chapter and mid chapter breaks, I agree with Jenny. Consistency is the best course.
The webcomics I follow that are successful and have been going for years have a set timeline. Chapters take as long as they take obviously, since the number of pages differ, but the chapter break is pre-determined. We as readers know what to expect when we are told 'chapter ends in x pages'. Sometimes during a longer break on author posts the cover for the next chapter mid way through the break so that readers don't wander too far. But usually it's just a break without an update.
Personally I'd rather a comic author take a break to build their buffer so that the updates can be consistent when they resume, than to be worrying about entertaining me while I await their return. That might just be me, some people might prefer to be entertained, but I'd personally just rather wait patiently. (also I follow you on tumblr, so I'm not as sad anyway since I get to see your stuff still anyway ;) )
Out of the list you've posted I'd vote concept art though, since you'd be creating that anyway for comic purposes, so it would be less likely to eat into comic creating time :)
That's my two cents, anyway :B
3 years on
I'm sure you're not likely expecting a comment so long after completing this wonderful comic.

But I had to re-read it. And it's just as beautiful as I remember (And still makes me cry my eyes out)

On a technical note, the rebooted pages are lovely. The change is so subtle, which is fantastic because the art in this comic has always been perfect. But Will's design is much more constant now, right from the beginning. The squarer face always suited him much better <3
October 1st, 2015
Very nice so far :)
It's always difficult to tell this early on in a comic, but this really shows potential. It has a nice hook that makes me disappointed I've already reached the most recent page.

And your art is lovely, your style fits well with the story, and the colours are beautiful

Look forward to the next update :)
You're welcome! I'm glad you like it :)

And thanks for the kind words everyone!
Thanks Santa!
So cute :)
The beauty of your pages make them worth the wait :) Life makes comic time hard to find at times, I'm sure we all understand :)

Also, I lurk, but don't tend to comment much. Love your comics, your art style is wonderful to look at.
Glad you like it :) They're cute characters <3
@ Charil - I'm so glad you like it :D
Sorry I couldn't get the coloured one done in time D:
hahaha, I love Mirshann's grumpy face XD
Thanks Santa! <3
December 14th, 2013
An intriguing tale thus far.
And beautiful watercolour work <3

I'm looking forward to seeing more :)
August 24th, 2013
That was a nice way to spend an afternoon :)

Just found this today, and read the whole thing in one sitting, because I didn't want to stop reading. It's great, love the characters so much :)
How lovely <3
They're great covers. So peaceful.

Getting excited for a print version of this! Are you going to kickstarter it?
yay roadtrip :D
Love this comic. I'm glad you have no interest in redrawing it. It is fine how it is. It is too easy to get bogged done and stuck in a rut when you start reworking. Better to leave it and push forward.
(And for the record, I don't think there are any parts that suck. Some are silly, but given the nature of the characters, I'd be disappointed if those parts were not there :3)

But yay for an epic way to relocate. That is cool. Have fun :)
Poor Devon. Those eyes in that second to last panel are so well done.