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I'm quiet, so don't expect me to jump up to help, but usually helps anyway. I like to be outdoors and (for some odd reason) I like to play Barsports (Pool, Darts, Cornhole ect.)
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    Nathaniel Quillin
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Happy Berftdy, have a safe flight!
The invite has expired :(
Can I join the discord to join the discord? If not I’d look into a later male character
Love the artistic style in this one! Great job!
@pixlyJolt: I just ment in general, I found the roleplay "forum" lol
Ah ha!
So this is what everyone is talking about in the chat!
I know the Easter egg is on the TV, but what is it? I'm confused
Also, It's A Trap!
Well now I do
This page actually made me search "Does Riolu have a tail" And yes, yes it does
Wait, how long have they been living together?
Yea the only time the absol was mentioned was in the diner, and that went well
That seems like a motivational quote.... Hmm
You can't be first if your last