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*loud noise
The Big Eye
If some of you didn’t remember we all saw a large eye of an anomalous creature after Siren went out to check a large noise.
As the light grows bright the two think Cedar is evolving. But the light continues to grow, and grow. Soon the two are blind which is quickly followed by bursting into flames. The light engulfs the planet and soon not even the entire universe is spared by Cedar’s light.
Either two things may happen.
A. That group is actually a nice bunch and want to talk or whatever
B. Those guys are no good and Cedar is gonna bludgeon three birds to death with her skull cause it’s made of #%@$ all or whatever
Bonus C. Bird dudes fly up past Cedar, latch onto the sun, and bring it crashing down killing everyone.
The more bonusy type D. Or nothing ridiculous will happen.
Also this if my first comment ever on Smackjeeves
Hey I’m a new fan here. Right now I’m afraid that Ceder killed him and is technically playing with his corpse. Seriously I’m at least 17 different types of afraid. Either way good job.