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-due to being infected by the lazy virus-
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    eh.. *suicide*
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Pizz stfu! NEW :3
He was in a party got drunk, road kill some1 went to jail and then got out -shot- niiice comic mane.
Pizz stop updating nonesense and continue making awesome comics like GYOSHI D:
Giving Red the kinstone = disaster D:
lolol remembah that when eyes turns red it makes his psychotic and will keel you mick with his crazyness lolol
May 19th, 2008
Well good luck on your project.
I can tell for sure that your addicted to shyguys. Probably your room has bunch of shyguys merchandise.

lolol well nice cake.
Awesome a fight lolol well heres the comic. If you guys want to continue this then go ahead if not tell me. Heres my sprites.

And the bg of the comic if ppl want to continue it or something.
Invite me, I'll help.
Sonic and Scourge is a good comic, but why post one panels comic and lots of filler? lol
Alright Pyscho! :3
Is their like a bad guy in your comic.. because I want to cameo mine as a bad guy.
Why is he floating?
kick some1 out so I can join and update more often D=
You do realize ppl in SmackJeeves are mostly teens (10+) that doesn't know the difference of what Smeagol192055 just typed. lolol
lol now the last panel was funneh :3
woah... you update too quickly for me to catch up XD keep up the good work :3
Taco.. buddy your going to be alright, this things happen in life just move on and be yourself and don't let any1 change that.

Like every1 here.. they want old Taco back :3
lol Lux, you must wait in line like the rest of us. :3