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Chapter 6 START!
And now we start with chapter 6!
Thanks so much for your patience everyone.
Chapter 5 end!
Another chapter is over! As before I'll be taking a couple weeks off to get started on the next chapter and get some rest. Don't worry though! I do plan on posting little comics during the break so there's something here while we wait.

Chapter 6 starts up August 16th!
Aaaaaaaand we're back!
Thanks for your patience everybody ;v;
@Toxicodendron: Ah thank you and Happy belated birthday to you!
Hey ya'll so no new page today. Was recovering from dental surgery. Also my birthday is coming up this weekend (June 16th!) and figured a week off would be a good gift to myself!

Updates resume next week! Thanks so much for your patience guys!
Hey folks there may not be an update next week cause I missed a lot of work this past week cause of a tooth extraction. I'm all fine now! Just needed to take some time to rest.
Thanks for the wait everyone!

EDIT 5/3/2019: Sorry for no update again today. This past week I've been recovering from a wicked bad toothache and couldn't work on pages and stuff as much as I'd like to. Hopefully next week updates will resume as normal! Thanks for your patience everyone ;v;
No update today!
Sorry everybody, no update today (4/19/2019). Been under the weather a lot this past week. Will hopefully have the next page up by next week! Thank you guys so much for your patience ;v;
@dracone: I'd say you're close! Percy is certainly an ass but he's not a bad guy ;D
Hey guys! Hope all ya'll are having a happy holidays!
Next week there won't be an update cause I'll be taking off for Christmas and New Years.
Updates will resume January 4th 2019! See you all next year! ovo/
@-_-: Aw thank you so much ;v;
Mini break!
Hey guys! I'm gonna be out of town next week visiting family for Thanksgiving so their wont be any new pages next week. Comic will resume on the 28th! Have a nice week everybody! :D
@aberiddia: Oh my! Thank you so very much!
@-_-: Thank you so much!
@DanDarkDesigns: Oh dang thanks so much for reading! I'm glad to hear you like it ;v;
@poofy sponge ;w;: Thank you so much ;A; I hope you like whats to come!
@Yolk: Know that you're not alone! I had a few people actually message me over on tumblr saying they voted for one character but they actually couldn't decide.

And if that was you then also know that you made my day with your vote :D
September 25th, 2018
Sorry for the wait on the page everyone! Thank you all so much for your patience ;v;
September 19th, 2018
Page 21 delay
Sorry no new update today, folks! Been sick lately and lost a lot of work time. Next update will hopefully be up this Friday, if not then definitely next Wednesday.
Hey guys! Reminder you can still VOTE HERE for your favorite character! Voting ends tonight!