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i am short and ditzy i get along with anyone and i love music, dancing and i am a crazy fun person!;)
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    Stephanie Mendes
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awww me and my sis just started reading this comic and we love it its so great :)
OMG i love ur comic plz don't kill henry or richard!!!! i love this comic its great keep drawing!!!!! <3
yay theres my man lol
love ur comic!!!!!!!
haye cho looks sooo cute in this page!!!! love ur comic!!!!!!
plz plz plz don't kill henry he is my favorite!!!!!! i love him plz he has to live!!!!!
hello i love this comic!!!!! its great i love ed he is such a softy!!!!!!!!! thank you its great!!!!!
yay!!!!! i love ur comic it rocks welcome back i can't wait to read more :)!!!!!
hi i just wanted to tell you i love this page its great Richard is a great older brother so supportive and i love that he loves henry!!!!!! and i just really love ur comic!!!!!!!!!!
haye i love this page it's one of my favorites!!!! love ya love stephie