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I came here to kick ass and post comics, and I'm all out of ass.
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44 of these eh?

the punchline is human suffering
ya I get it

is that the same girl from the last page
February 5th, 2011
maybe hes nearsighted or something >_>

Chapters 4-6 all take place in the same dimension. There will be many weirdos, wizards, and a few bad dudes.
what do you use to color the pages?
In this chapter, MacArthur and Torah encounter more mosquito people and a transportation device.
This is chapter 2... It was finished in April of 2010. Probably one of my favorite chapters of this comic so far.
I wish the website's sidebar didnt get in the way of the last panels of your comics. >_<

it is transparent, so its still possible to read the comic, but you have to scroll down and up to read them.

also, lol at the reference
so hackers know how to sell underwear? man I need to learn that
Thanks for checking out my comic.

This first issue begun what has become a 6 chapter comic (going on 7). I will upload the rest to smackjeeves, so if you liked this (and even if you didnt) look forward to more! and if you didnt like it, tell me why, it could help.